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Luke Frost
9th Sep 2003, 15:56
Location: Station Nyeepbeepbeppdeedeepnikboing Mk III

Location Description: Nyeepbeepdeppdeedeepnikboing was constructed over the gas giant of the same name by a long lost race naming themselves the Bricks. The Bricks gifted the station to the Targ, who cleverly stole the designs and sold them to numerous other races. The station remained in disuse and became dangerously close to plummeting into the clouds of Nyeepbeepdeppdeedeepnikboing.

After the Great War, the Targ built a third station. No one knows what happened to the second version of the Nyeepbeepdeppdeedeepnikboing series, but its thought a mysterious AI named VAL accidentaly turned off the fusion cores cooldown process. Mk III has thrived every since, gaining extreme riches as a trade station, and boasts one of the best bio-decks and entertainment stations in Targ Space.

Races Allowed: All races included in Startopia, and any droids you can think of (that arent over the top =/) are allowed.

Jobs: From Lavotron Cleaners to Sub-Deck Engineers, you name it and its yours.

Name: Bzzfzzz Beep
Race: Grekka Targ
Age: 42
Weaponry: BANG! Industrys Phased Energy Pistol
Job: Main Supervisor of Pointless Outbound Radio Messages (MSPORM)


Bzzfzzz's wings gently fluttered, lifting him clear over a small yellow droid scrubbing a rather nasty patch of Kasvagorian Hound droppings from the once undefiled disinfected plate making up that particular part of the stations flooring. The young Targ MSPORM would have wrinkled his nose if he had one, but instead made a light 'grawk!' noise with the avaidible vocal chords and carried on.

Bzzfzzz was on the way to go to what the Targ called a 'Grrrkkgaarkgrrk', in the languages of other races meaning 'on the urination'. The music from the upcoming Bar Disco that had been newly built into the Nyeepbeepbeppdeedeepnikboing Mk III downtown already thumped in his sensative tiny little ears. The doors hissed open lightly, giving the tiny Targ a blast of sound which most probrablys damaged his ears forever.

Stepping in, Bzzfzzz sat down at a bar and ordered himself a drink..

Medical Grey
22nd Sep 2003, 11:13
MK 3 phase pistol.

<A depressed looking grey is walking aroud the biodeck, musing about something or other. As he walks he trips over a log and spies pipe sticking up through the dirt>
"What the heck is a pipe doing here? Ah well, I doubt it's of any importance. Hold on, whats that gas?"
<A thin bluish gas emerges from the pipe...

Luke Frost
22nd Sep 2003, 15:33
A small beeping noise sounded over the din of some pretty dislikeable Gor music. Bzzfzzz realised it was his pager, and took a quick glance at his side. His station was calling back to the level below, and to the security center.

Damn, had then found that supply of illegal narcotics from the Karmarama controlled planet Can-Abyss?

Bzzfzzz immedietly rushed to the lift and down to the level below. A quick ride on the back of a Scuzzer MKIII allowed him to get to the Security Station on time. Kasvagorians were rushing around and franticly accessing the computer terminals. The large holographic display at the center of the building showed a flashing red segment of the bio-deck. Another of the fanatic Zedem terrorist actions?

A Kasvagorian claiming to be the leader of the outpost rushed to the young Targ and started to speak rapidly in basic. He told him that a bio-deck climate regulation device had ruptured, probrably a spy job, and started to fill the segment with a deadly gas. Scanners detected a Grey and several other alien species milling around that particular segment.

Bzzfzzz immedietly rushed to his closeby station and sent out a series of information packages to the bio-deck climate regulation center burried under the artificial soil. The AI there was annoyed from being woken up by the Targ but eventualy jacked in and stopped complaining. Bzzfzzz ordered the computer to shut the bulkheads of that segment, and evacuate all surrounding segments including that one.

Security Scuzzers rushed to the lift shafts leading from the segment to take the people in it and around it into custody for later questioning.

Up on the contaminated segment, a voice sounded in a series of different languages.

"Evacuate the segment immedietly, or suffer the consiquences."

24th Sep 2003, 01:41
<Exitium the Feared plans to play tomorrow after ridding the galaxy of the Human menace. No, really.>

Medical Grey
4th Oct 2003, 03:14
"Oh tark! I better get out of here!"
Runs off to a pub.