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19th Jun 2013, 14:10
I checked back a few pages and I didn't see a thread addressing this topic, so I apologize if this is something that has been done to death.

I just got into the Beta and I played around for an hour or two, so I cannot really judge the way in which the game handles leveling and I'm just curious from what people who have been playing for a longer time have experiences.

I've played 3 majors MMORPGs: FFXI, World of Warcraft, and The Old Republic. While I enjoy all 3, I found FFXI the most fun because leveling was hard, it was not something you could solo. In both WoW and TOR, I never joined a party or really had to interact with anyone else. I felt like I was playing a game alongside other players as opposed to playing WITH other platers.

With FFXI, leveling was much more of a grind. I know that may have been a negative for some, but I really loved it. If you saw someone who was a high level, it was almost awe-inspiring, you had to look for a group and spend your time partying with them to in order to level and everyone had to work together, making for a much more interesting experience.

Does anyone know if Square has outright said their goal with the game or can anyone speak from experience? Is this a game you solo or does it force you to group?

19th Jun 2013, 14:58
excellent question. and its very much up to you. for players who like to go solo they CAN and square enix encourages it. yet at the same time for those who like to go in groups and party up to level that is also taken into consideration with guildhests/leves and dungeons and Fates. Theres something that adheres to all types of gamers in the game. there's plenty of both to go around and they want your first pass through to be as pleasant as possible. so for your first character u can go through your quests etc etc and hit 50. BUT when you switch classes or if you decide to be something else you go back to level 1 or whatever level you had leveld it up to. so you coul dbe a lvl 50 gladiator. but a lvl 1 conjourer. and since you ran through the quests before to get your original class to 50 you will have to go about leveling your secondary class a different way. so the more sub classes you level the harder it will be to level them up or so they say.

19th Jun 2013, 18:45
The leveling is a lot easier compared to FFXI but it makes sense since you can change to whatever class/job you want. So it kind of balance out. However, the leveling shouldn't be so rushed in my opinion since there's so many ways to level. Quests, grinding, FATES, and dungeons for instance. No idea if crafting and those other classes provides exp for doing them though but yeah. Pretty casual. :)

The game encourages you to be in groups but give you the option of solo. For instance, the grand companies, level sync, FATES, even though you'll be partnering up with random people in groups, you don't have to know them. You can just enter and immediately start doing the FATES. In a way, it's soloing cause you're not asking anyone for help.

The companies also provides seals for certain work like protecting a caravan and you'll do it in a group. And they're over 300 Fates in the game currently. And that's just the official release I believe. Eventually they'll add more. So yeah, lots of Fates.. You can check on youtube, they explain it but it's pretty group oriented. Way more fun playing with friends during that event though.

Now you got me all excited! D: TAKE RESPONSIBILITY!

19th Jun 2013, 18:46
saha are u a ps3 player?

19th Jun 2013, 19:10
saha are u a ps3 player?

Nope. I use the PC. Hahah.

19th Jun 2013, 19:19
lol i hear alot of pc players are using controllers

19th Jun 2013, 20:15
being a PC player I want to say I love the controler interface of this game and will be using one while im playing

19th Jun 2013, 20:42
being a PC player I want to say I love the controler interface of this game and will be using one while im playing

Yep! Same here! :) Plus if I can look for information, I can just alt + tab and check easily. xD

8th Sep 2013, 15:37
Hi, i played in the 1.0 i have a level 17 pugilist, but since i started playing ARR i have to redo the main quest from level 1 and i'm getting quite bored, so i was wondering if there's a guide that can show me how to make a fast run to the quests of my level, and tell me the low level quests that i should do like the ones to get my chocobo etc ... Would really appreciate some help right now ! :)

9th Sep 2013, 06:53
Not sure what you mean a 'fast run'.

I restarted a level 50 and needed to run him through, all you have to do is follow the quests that are flagged as part of the story. I ran through the Ul'Dah line and it was simply follow the chain. You do one quest, turn it in and either the same NPC or one very close gives you the follow on, which is usually sending you along to the next quest hub. Got as far as unlocking the airship when I took a pause on him.

As for the bird, you need to get as far as unlocking Grand Company access, I didn't get that far yesterday so I don't know when you get it, but I'm assuming ATM that like access to the Inn, Levequests, etc. it'll come simply by following the main story quests as before.