View Full Version : Help with Media Editor Dromed

8th Sep 2003, 20:22
OK. Got it. Unzipped it. Where do I point it. Tried the T2 folder. Tried the individual folders IE. Movies, Books etc.

All I get is a blank screen of the "button" used. Do I use the "extract" command to get a menu of the "items" and that will "open" the file for viewing, or what.

The help file is useless (unless I am not using "Help" correctly -which is a possibility):confused:

9th Sep 2003, 18:34

thats where all the RESource files are (likes models, textures, etc) that TME can look at and extract =)

9th Sep 2003, 18:47
Thank ye, Emperor, I tried nearly everything but came up blank.

15th Sep 2003, 06:15
And here's another dandy tip: You can use WinZip to open and browse the CRF files in the RES folder, as well! Just double click one of 'em, and windows will be all "What proggie do you want me to use?" and select winzip (Just make sure "Always use" ISN'T checked off, just to be on the safe side =) ). Even though TME is a wonderful resource finder and extractor, it's always nice to have options =)