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8th Sep 2003, 07:17
When Deus Ex first came out the single player was great. However, it was the multiplayer that kept me excited about the game. I played multiplayer all the time...it was great fun.

So why leave out such a great component to a game? I know what the dev team would say...

Blah blah blah...we wanted to focus on the single player aspect. Well thats great if you as a gamer feel that playing for 50 hours is enough. I don't know about you but i like getting alot more out of my games. If they would of added xbox live...that would of been great, system link too!!

Ohh well.......

8th Sep 2003, 07:47
already discussed on a lot of other threads. please refer to those

8th Sep 2003, 08:12
yeah its to bad yu dont realise that adding a multiplayer component is not that easy, and for it to be even considered to be added there would have to be a focussed effort to produce an excellent multiplayer, which would push back the release date and take time away from editing the single player. There are plenty of mutliplayer games out there, play Halo etc for multiplayer, Deus Ex is for a definitive single player experience.

This crap is so obvious, I cant believe im dignifiying this post.

8th Sep 2003, 09:01
Why they didn't have mp?

because Deus Ex was NEVER meant to be a multiplayer game.

Why make a decent single player and waste time on a half-assed mp that will never get the full attention it deserves due to time constraints and funding that will only go so far. When you can make a great awesome singleplayer with all the bells and whistles and screw the multiplayer aspect because, trying to implement a multiplayer in a game this diverse with as many paths and choices. There's just no real point.

If this'll stop you from buying Deus Ex. All the better, at least the message will be out that this game isn't being made by sellouts that follow dictates of the bus that follow stats saying "hey guys, mp is popular in video games today, why don't we have a mp option, as long as we have some sort of mp, half-assed or just downright stupid people will buy it".

None of that for my Deus Ex. Complaints of MP will be met with frostiness that could make even the arctic winds cower in fear.

Why does it need mp when it would probably extend development time depending on WHICH route they wish to take? Co-oP is completely out of the question since Deus Ex is not a game meant to be played with multiple "alex dentons". Also, were you hoping for some sort of death match with the nano bot agents? Yes, now they must compete with all the other multiplayer games out there, and if they don't put forth a very damn good effort into the mp aspect reviewers will flame it for being poor etc., then comes the need for support for the mp aspect. On top of that what do you excpect them to make? some sort of spy vs. spy team death match play? The augs/etc. will then be chosen not for their ability to do unique things, but for how uber they will make you and skills that don't offer the most damage output will be ignored.

ending my rant. If you meant co-op for multiplayer, again, you should think on how freaking long it would take to implement something like that. if you don't get it then you shouldn't have even asked the question in the first place and learn you some on how hard it is to do.

Bio Denton
8th Sep 2003, 10:59
The company which created the Deus Ex platform and game engine, also follows the same edict.

Though fairly mediocre games, Unreal Tournament 2003 and Unreal 2 are two parts of the same game. One is solely multiplayer and the other solely singleplayer.

Why? If you make a game which has both modes, then neither aspect will have had the full time spent on it that it deserves. Henceforth, for a great sinngleplayer game you need all the development time to be spent on it, likewise for multiplayer.

And ofcourse, if a game has both modes of play, lines will have to be drawn, corners cut and certain aspects dumbed down or removed, to allow for differences.

Deus Ex was never designed to be a multiplayer game. A patch was released a few months after Deus Ex was out, that allowed multiplay. Ah yes, but this was only possible because all the base elements for multiplayer were already in the engine. The Deus Ex multiplayer isn't exactly great.

8th Sep 2003, 11:14
The Deus Ex multiplayer isn't exactly great.

oh my god, world war 3 is about to begin

8th Sep 2003, 12:00
Originally posted by Le`Sauveur`De`Ces`Dames
oh my god, world war 3 is about to begin

Er, well, it is true. Its not that good. Furthermore since its multiplayer online, it's got the usual share of "I PWNZ j00 n00b!!!" catchphrases. Ive seen enough failings on behalf of gamers on online games to take a very large step from them, overall. And DX was really never meant to be an online multiplayer (OMP) game. All the game is, is in the single-player. A multiplayer version of a game usually distorts quite a lot of the SP version. Contrary to popular belief its not easy to do it. Its much harder with an RPG of course, and easier with an FPS, but DX1 (and DX:IW) use too many aspects that when taken online just bog down the experience.

8th Sep 2003, 12:12
I completely agree with this. I was just saying, we are all again for a long discussion between pro-MP and pro-SP and pro-both of them (at least we don't have any Anti-both of them)

8th Sep 2003, 14:48
Let's not go nuts here, DX mp was crap.

8th Sep 2003, 14:54
Originally posted by exo
Let's not go nuts here, DX mp was crap.

Lets add more nuts to this, DX's MP component was the only downside of Deus Ex.

8th Sep 2003, 15:58
Well, the DX MP wasn't too, bad, it was fun for a time before all the servers turned into jump ten miles into the air whenever you jump... I had fun with it, but you're right. It sucked.

The Corinthian
9th Sep 2003, 01:42
Oh yes, indeed. The DX1 multiplayer sucked long and hard for the most part. I'm quite happy that DXIW will not contain multiplayer. It really would detract from the game, taking valuable programming resources away from the main game. DX1 only had multiplayer because it was based on the UnrealTournament engine. They really didn't have to do much to it to put in multi-play. I could have done that in my spare time...

Bio Denton
9th Sep 2003, 12:57
*Still on standby for the flame war*

9th Sep 2003, 13:05
*prepares flamethrower, fuel, match, napalm, missiles, etc*

The Corinthian
9th Sep 2003, 18:43
*giggles and hopes some eyeballs will be left*

(if you have no idea where that came from, go read Neil Gaiman's Sandman comics, the only non-novel to win the World Fantasy Award [then they changed the rules :)])