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7th Sep 2003, 17:17
Good news from the review:

"The version of Invisible War that we saw was only about a week old, and, aside from a few minor bugs, it gave us the impression that the game is, in fact, just about done"
"One promising first-person game that will definitely be out this year is Ion Storm's Deus Ex: Invisible War, the sequel to the ambition hybrid game from 2000, Deus Ex. During a recent visit to Ion Storm's Austin, Texas, development office, studio director Warren Spector and Invisible War director Harvey Smith confirmed that the game will, in fact, be available before Christmas"


7th Sep 2003, 17:26
Hey, good find! Hope it turns out to be true because even December is a long wait.
One thing though, I thought that in DX1 you were supposed to be bringing the world out of a dark age. Looks like Helios performed an illegal operation and had to shut down.

W.C. Duck
7th Sep 2003, 19:32
hmm, it appears I'm going to lose the bet...
though I can't say I'm sorry.

but, I won't believe it untill I see with my own eyes.

from christmas to 2004 is very little time, so there would be no room for delay of any kind.

8th Sep 2003, 08:13
Looks like Helios performed an illegal operation and had to shut down.

cf this (http://www.matrixxp.com)

So it will be out before christmas. hmmm... HOW long before christmas?

(ok, ok, I shut up)

9th Sep 2003, 13:12
That's a good sign, as long as they dont rush it. I'd rather wait a couple of months more then get a rushed product. It has been delayed a couple of times so far i think, so hopefully thatl mean they are taking their time and doing it well. I have trust it Warrens boys.

9th Sep 2003, 16:22
Wel,, the new preview on Gamespy says late november to early december, so it looks good.