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7th Sep 2003, 15:14
I've have some problem with a save game of mine. I wanted to save it last time and my pc just hanged it did nothing. It normaly takes a while to save and load the game but it just stayed and I needed to reboot. I thought fine no problem I'll just load it up and continue from where I was. I loaded it and the bar progressing very fast which was very unusual and it crashed right back to desktop. I was on day 55 but my other save game only goes back to day 39.

In case it helps, system specs:

DX 9, P4 1.8Ghz, 256 Mb Rimm 800Mhz, Geforce 2 Ti 64Mb, nvidia drivers 44.03

Any help would be appreciated,

7th Sep 2003, 17:35
run scandisk. maybe a part of the file is corrupted, and hopefully scandisk can fix that.

other than that, i got no clue :(

8th Sep 2003, 14:07
Thanks, will give it a try.

9th Sep 2003, 15:22
Thanks Azuriel didn't do the trick though. Will mail techsupport.

9th Sep 2003, 20:25
sorry i couldnt be of any help..

29th Dec 2003, 20:29
Is there any fix for the saved game issue or the constant game crashing?