View Full Version : black screen on intro video? what can i do?

7th Sep 2003, 14:42
Hi, i have purchased this amazing game but i have experienced problems. The game works great, except in video (the only video i have been able to hear is the introduction, i think) where i have listened to the conversation but i saw nothing. What can i do?

My system info is (in spanish, sorry):
Nombre del SO Microsoft Windows
Versión 4.90.3000 Compilación 3000
Fabricante del SO Microsoft Corporation
Nombre del sistema JOSEMARIA
Fabricante del sistema ECS
Modelo del sistema K7S5A
Tipo de sistema X86-based PC
Procesador AMD Athlon(tm) XP 1600+ AuthenticAMD ~1394 Mhz
Versión de BIOS Version 1.00
Directorio Windows C:\WINDOWS
Ubicación Spain
Zona horaria Hora de verano romance
Memoria f*sica total 127,43 MB
Memoria f*sica disponible 244,00 KB
Memoria virtual total 2,00 GB
Memoria virtual disponible 1,69 GB
Espacio de archivo de paginación 1,88 GB
Video Card NVidia GeForce 2 MX 400 tv out 64mb
Inernet Connection Cable 300k connection

I pray for your help. I hope to play soon woth all features

7th Sep 2003, 14:44
Here again. I've forgotten that i've installed the v49 patch. Remember, i hear videos but see nothing. Help me please

7th Sep 2003, 14:54
i have see the fmv folder and played the videos with windows media player. It happened the same thing. is it the problem with the player? which player can i use/install? Thanks

7th Sep 2003, 18:36
:o Many (most?) of us using older versions of Windows (Win 98 in my case) are experiencing the audio only FMVs from within the game. I have used Windows Media Player 9.0 to view the files in the FMV Folder with excellent results; QuickTime 6.0.2 and RealPlayer Plus 6.0.9 have also worked satisfactorily. :)

Having twice played through the game, I don't think you miss anything by watching them later; however, if you wish, you could save as soon as you can after watching one of them, exit the game, and fire up the player of your choice.

Then using the File button find the FMV Folder and play the first files in the following order: core.mpg, eidos.mpg, EN_CRDIT.mpg, and EN-CHASE.mpg. for the opening credits and chase scene. :cool: (The file names may be different in other languages)

Later on when you again visit Von Croy's Apartment and listen to the blank screen, you can save, exit and view EN_FLASH.mpg for the flashback. :cool:

Near the end of the game after the final confrontation with Eckhardt, do the same with EN_REVEL.mpg for a revelation, and then the Grand Finale is END.mpg. :cool:

I hope this helps you. :) I am also surprised the moderators haven't moved this thread to the TR: AOD Technical Section. :D