View Full Version : anyone interested in the C3 demo ?

ez rider
7th Sep 2003, 01:04
i just downloaded it ...... only 265 MB ;)
took me 13 minutes
here's the link i used
have fun

well after installation .... game doesnt seem to work
black screen and then back to windows
maybe its a language compatability thing
its a spanish demo as far as i could figure out
and i checked the TAFN website
according to Eidos its a beta demo ... a bad one
prematurely released
so i guess this was a false alarm :o
we continue the waiting game

link removed & moved to C3 forum

7th Sep 2003, 01:47
you should have posted it in c3 section!
anyway you can make demo work not so hard. and it is english demo!
the demo is fun though!
which windows do you have?

ez rider
7th Sep 2003, 09:49
thnx David that would be great
i have win98se

forgot all about the C3 forum
where i found the solution
it works now

7th Sep 2003, 17:14
great! so how did you like the demo?

8th Sep 2003, 15:44
win98se...it works now
but in windowed mode, right? we of win98 vintage are awaiting the "new" demo.

ez rider
11th Sep 2003, 02:01
in window mode indeed
but that didn't bother me too much
as for the demo itself
well ..... more of the same
i missed fins .....
a dive is cool at times
plus i like throwing a bunch of knives
(what rarely happened in C2 and if at all in one mission 4 knives at the end of the mission when all the hard work was already done) ....
the AI suks ..... pardon my french :p
that army patrol in that armored wagon with no windows react to the killing of an officer standing on the other end of the train .... almost lol
and they dont think throwing grenades is a big deal
the generals just continue their conversation :D
you should expect AI to become better all the time and therefore harder to play
and i missed the strategic element
there was just one way

but i will buy the game anyway
i think i owe eidos ..... just because of BEL

11th Sep 2003, 14:07
didn't bother me too much
i have a 19" monitor so windowed mode at 1024x768 filled just a tad over half the screen. so spending 50 bucks and playing on a 9" monitor won't bother you? but please, go ahead and buy it then report back here whether they fixed that in the full release so i can decide to buy or not to buy :D

ez rider
12th Sep 2003, 01:08
as a demo ..... that didn't bother me too much
and i wouldn't buy it if in windowed mode
thats for sure :)

12th Sep 2003, 17:58
and i wouldn't buy it if in windowed mode
ok, i'll bring this up again for the many here who have had to play the demo in windowed mode. i hate it so i don't bother playing it and i'm p-issed thinking the full version will not work with win98. also, the chances of getting a "new" demo are non-existent, it ain't gonna happen so has anyone read anywhere that pyro is aware of the win98/windowed mode problem and is addressing it in the retail version? i mean i'm gonna go postal if C3 is unplayable on my system...

12th Sep 2003, 19:59
The demo was a beta hence the reason why the windowed error occured. I'm pretty sure that Pyro/Eidos are aware of this problem and it's very possible that it's already fixed and if not it will certainly be fixed in the retail version. In the interview with us, Ignacio Perez said that there will be a multiplayer demo released a the end of september :)

TAFN - When will the multiplayer demo be out? Are the different release dates set and how is it you decide upon them?
Ignacio - Right now we are working on the localized versions and the multiplayer demo is plan to be released by the end of September. The game will be released simultaneously on 13 different languages at the beginning of October.

Now stop going on about this and see what the next demo brings or I'll ask RedLegg to change your name to WhinerMan :D ;)

note: the last sentence should not be taken too serious

12th Sep 2003, 20:04
it's either talk to sean or whine...i'd rather whine :D

ez rider
12th Sep 2003, 22:45
hey WeinerMan
dont worry about it ;)
you can be sure
eidos wont be that stupid to release a windowed game
or a game that couldn't be played with win98 :)