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6th Sep 2003, 17:07
Well I got ready to install Thief on my new comp. As has been posted elsewhere I am running XP Pro. Thief 2 installed with no trouble, works fine.

I had read a long while back about troubles installing Thief Gold. So I wondered if I would have the same trouble. I did, would not install and I got the same error.

Well I remembered a post where you replied to Hawklette telling her how to get it installed and working. I searched for it and Voila. It still works, installed without a hitch using the switch to the install exe.

Thief Gold runs for me without having to use any emulation mode. But I toyed with them to see what happens. Both win 95 and win 98/ME do not work. The game loads to the main screen but when I load a save or start the game I get a black screen which never loads. Control alt delete and I can stop it.
Thats funny, these games worked fine in Windows 98, so so much for the win 98 emulation. It doesn't exactly emulate too well! But they work in 2000 or no emulation.

Also I have no video trouble. The Indeo Codecs installed and they seem to be working fine. The only thing I have noticed in both games is that they are very dark, even when I turn the brightness up, had to set my monitor brightness up as well. Still not completey right yet so I will have to tweak a bit. But they are easily playable. Brightness is almost all the way up. Any higher and the screen washes out. May have to toy with video card settings and some contrast. Other games look fine thought but they are much newer than Thief.

You have my thanks for the helpful post! :)

6th Sep 2003, 19:23
You are welcome, Sneak. I am running Tgold and TMA on XP without using any emulation mode just fire it up in straight XP and it runs fine.

As for the 'dark', see if you have a Game Gamma boost in your Video card or on board chip.

If you go to DISPLAY SETTINGS ADVANCED it will open a menu for your Vcard (if you have a decent one) and most of theses have options for DX-GL-Color-Gamma etc.