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The Ogden Crew
6th Sep 2003, 16:41
==[What's missing in TS2]==

a donation of thought and suggestions from the ogden crew
Hello, all you at edios interactive. 8 friends of mine, as well as myself, have come up with a compiled collection of ideas for the next timesplitters game (if you do decide to make it.... we'll buy it!) Anyway, We've come up with most ourselves, but then we went into variouse forums getting more imput from many... how should i say... "different" people. It was an arguouse task sifting through the twisted ideas of young children, but i think we did a good job. The Ogden Crew, and I, hope that you take these excelent ideas into concideration.
Thank you,
The Ogden Crew


-[Mele weapon set]

-I think adding a mideivle weapon set would add a entirely new aspect to the gameplay. It would allow for a new type of melle combat that would add an entirely new dimension to the game. There are many differences in mobility between these two types of fighting machines, but You could design a few charachters and skins of people in plate mail armor with hardly any ajility at all, then maby a few in chain mail armor, and a few feeble minded un-armored servants for variety. As for the weapons set, it could consist simply of a sword, a flail (a ball and chain), and a pike (really long ax). I've already thought some basic plans as to how some of these weapons operate in the game.
-The flail would be used in this way. the fire button, when held down, would swing it around and around, let's say, clockwize. releaseing the fire button would bring it to a stop, then pressing it again would sent it around counter-clockwize. thus giving you the ablilty to beat back and forth or just swing around like a mad man. The alt fire would raise a small wooden sheild into place, then you could use manual aim to manuver it into place if neccacary. Another thing that you could do, is make the flail and sheild a combo weapon, much like akimbo (2x) guns. You could have both the flail and sheild out, or you could put the sheild away so you could use both hands on the flail. That would allow you to swing harder and faster.
-The pike would be more dificult to program, but it would be well worth it. It would probably be better if you programmed this long, cumbersome weapon so it couldn't travle through walls for obviouse reasons. so i've thought up these 2 solutions, simply have the pike majicly put in your fanny-pack-o-guns and whip out a different one when confronted with obstacles, or the more realistic, and difficult task of pressing the action button to drop, and pick up the pike so you can leave it where it lies and move on. The actual movement of attack would like this. With the controlls at ease, nothing being pressed, the default position would be with the pike aimed in front of you, fully extended. the fire button, while held down, would have you bring the pike back a few feet. Releasing the fire button would thrust the pike back into it's orriginal position, harming anyone in the metalic point's way. alt fire would swing it like an ax. the direction of the swinging would be randomly determined, unless they turn a certain direction while the button is pressed, then it is swung in that direction. aiming down would bring it high into the air and cast it downward. I had another idea about the pike. Perhaps if the situation came, that a flail, a bullet, or anyhing hit the pike's woden shaft, after several hits, it would break in two and render it harmless.
-The sword and sheild would be much like any set of anygun (x2.) you'd either have the option of using both, or one. You could either use both sword and sheild, or just the sword. The only difference would be the blocking, and the speed of the blade weilded by two hands rather than one. In both cases fire would be swing, and alt-fire would be block. The sword only approach to blocking would be somewhat more difficult, but yet again, i have an idea. holding in alt fire would raise the sword to a convenient place depending on where the sword is, then they would manual aim, left, right, or up, in order to raise the sword to either direction. left and right would hold it diagonaly (as if to block swing from left or right) then up would raise it in the air horisontaly, as if to block a downward slash. The swinging of the sword would be much like the pike, if only the fire button is held, it will swing back and forth randomly, but when they turn in a direction, it will swing in that direction with one different feature. aiming upward while holding in fire button would unleash a forward thrust. but here's the icing on the cake, when you thrust and impale someone, you'll walk up to them as they grasp their stomach, place a foot on their chest, and yank the sword out of their now limp body that then tumbles backward from the pull. Blood here is key. If you decide to keep it rated T, i suggest ignoring this last suggestion about the whole impaling thing. but hey, if u can get away with it, go fur it.
-I've realized it would be slightly dull to just have a block and attack system, so i thought of some alternatives. With a sheild, if you walk directly up to them, or to their weapon, then raise your sheild, it sould shove them back, giving you a chance to strike. and if both sword weilders swing the're swords at eachother and they collide in the middle, perhaps a button mashing struggle should begin. About the whole thrust thing... in order to block a thrust, you must block from side to side in order to knock the sword to the side before it stabbs you. However, this could be made less tricky to block by animating the thrust in a more anticapatable, exagerated motion.
-Saumeri weaons set. It would add alot of flavor and taste and wouldnt take much more work, all it would take is a few ninja skins, a katana (based on the same sword ideas from midevle gun set), some ninja stars, and perhaps a blow-gun (you could use the same arrow technique that you used for the crossbow) and if you feel up to it, a pair of sie (those three pointed daggar things that the chick on the movie dare-devil has). About the katana, it shouldn't do much damage at all to a full plate-mailed soldier, but it should move very quickly. Then throw in a ninja level to single player and BAM, you got ninjas.
-Viking weapons set. Just like the sameri set, all it would take is some new weapons modles and skins then you've got a whole new story level premmise. All you'd need is maby a mean lookin axe and sheild, then some ugly looking viking skins, a story level with plot, and the game would be that much longer and better. Or, you could throw the vikings into the mideivle plot and have them act as the villans you have to face... and the viking leader could wear the time crystal on a neckles.... ?
-Pirate weapons set. if your not sick to death of all the weapon sets, he'res one more. Add two types of pirate skins... make them distictivly different but still pirates so you can have rivals, then add a cutlass (pirate lookin sword thing) Then bring back the blunderbuss. But this time, make the bluderbuss actually take as much time to reaload as it actually does. That way, you could fight and all that with the cutlas, then just bust out the blunderbuss and cap someone, and yet it wouldnt turn into an all out gun battle, but you'd still be able to cap someone in the face.

-[Ultra Sniper Gun]

Every multiplayer shooter should have what i call, and "omni-gun" which basicly owns (whoops) all other guns with a few set backs. So basicly a bolt-action berret 50cal with bipod and scope. but you gatta make it extremely powerfull, and it's gatta have a ground rumbling, intimidating, scare the sh** out of you sound, Bolt-action with some time inbetween shots to recover from the blast, and a relitivily small magazine, and then maby you have to stand still to use it... maby press alt fire to deploy the gun.


I've heard many people complain about the hardly animated re-load sequence. I can come to understand that when in 1st person, reloading your own weapon in a detailed manner would involve showing your hands. Maby you guys should step up and give it a try, eh? But when you see someone else re-load, maby you should try harder and animate that better.

-[Novelty Weapons]

The more, the better. About the fire extinguisher... think about it. it's a long, hard, heavy, swingable object, however, your only able to spray it on people. I say alt fire allows you to clock someone with it. you could use same swinging principles as the sword or the fist.

((((((((((((((((((==Arcade modes==))))))))

-[Team Spawn Points]

The only thing lacking in the game is the option of team spawnpoints. The only arcade mode that has this in the entire game is capture the flag (plus assault, but i'll talk about that later). I also understand that with the rising of team spawn points, there rises the risk of camping in the enemy's spawn. but the way you gys had it layed out in TS2, i was afraid to stand anywhere near a spawnpoint knowing they're invincible for a few seconds... and they have enough time to kill, especially when one shot kills are on. Also, there was no stratagy left when everyone spawns randomly, leaving the game a chalange of who can scavenge the best gun and run around shootin. It's lacking the proporty's in teamplay. Even in capture the flag most of the time you just get enough armor, then sneak past the bots to the flag, and if they do spot you, they can hardly kill you. just keep running. So if you were to add team spawn points, they only work on capture the bag maps, so i've come up with a solution. In the menue where you chose what game mode, you should also allow to change the modes going right and left i.e changing deathmatch, to team deathmatch, to team deathmatch with spawnpoints. then go down to elimination, flip to the right and get team elimination, then again to get team elimination with spawnpoints. That mode alone would allow timesplitters to have the same strategic element that counter-strike (the most succesfull multi-player online game ever.) And team Zones with spawn areas would allow for great combat just like day of defeat (counter-strikes still pretty succesfull younger brother.) These strategic elements are still lacking in timesplitters 2, you cant even hold a small building whithout someone spawning behind you.
-An Alternate Solution
I realize you might not want to add 12 arcade modes allowing the choice between teams, team spawns, and deathmatch. plus If your still afraid of people camping the enemy's spawn, but think that the strategic part sounds like a good idea, i have an alternate solution. You could add a mode called "Showdown" or "Teamplay" or something like where you could just make it like team death match, but have team spawns and only have it on the ctf maps, then you could add tons of options before the game begins, options ie. #of lives, Zones, and maby #of rounds and such. But if you do that, you could make minor implications to ensure that there would be no enemy spawn camping. Just add some precautions i.e in zone mode, once a team owns all zones, they win the round, and the game re-starts. you'll attract all sorts of half-life/Counter-strike junky's who already love timesplitters for it's graphic goodness and such.

-[Virus Suggestions]

The'res a spawning problem with virus on all maps. the problem, people with the virus spawn right next to you. The solution, either alow an option that keeps infected people from re-spawning at all, or have the infected spawn at a certain location or area that gives them some room to breathe i.e. On icetower map, they could spawn only in the tunnles, that way they could come out in many places, but they wont spawn everywhere you want to stay and hold and keep you constantly running because shooting them is pointless if you can out-run them. that ends up with you looking on your radar and just trying to stay away from the other dots. there are better games on atari.

-[Assault Suggestions]

Allow players to be on either defence or offence.

-[Online Multiplayer]

You'd be certain to sell alot more copys of the game if you made the option to connect over a cable line into a mass game lobby, much like socom navy seals did their multiplayer. If you've solved all the teamplay issews and banded it all together, then it's certain to be a hit.

-[More singleplayer]

I, Personally thought that you had done enough in the 2nd one, but that's the most commonly repeated comment in the forumns.



When i see the bots of the game diving, rolling, cartwheeling and such, I feel left out. There are a few buttons you have yet to use (like L3 & R3 on PS2) and possibly i'm wrong, but if ther'es any left on the other concol's paddles, why not give it a whirl.


Timesplitters need's a jaw-dropping, equivelant of max payne's bullet time, you could possibly add bullet-time to the original 4 powerups, or if you wanted to keep the same 4 basic effects, you could simply replace "speed" with bullet time, and make the person that obtained the powerup maintain the same running speed, where as everyone else, and all bullets, come to an errie slow. It definetely would change alot of things, that's why on second thought you could have it as an unlockable cheat. another thing, if you decide to add it, durring the effect, you MUST have the music come to a stop, and have a monotone droning ambience noise play untill it wears off.


Possibly you could add a footstep sound if someones in a flat out sprint. And now that i think of it, you could add a metalick cruch kinda sound if you were to do the medeivle set with the guy in the full plate mail armor.


if at all possible, go for it.


-[Customizable Characters]

I think it would personalize the games characters if you were able to create your own. First, you create a name, then the type i.e. height, then body type, then mix and match clothing and color from the different eras. About the atributes, you could already set a base number already provided depending on body type, and if the're loaded with armor you could make the ajility hardly changable at all, wherea's if they've got a beer gut i.e Mr.Big, dont start them out with much adjility. The more kills your make, the more skill points you gain over time.

(((((((((((((((==Map Editor==))))))))


I think i might have just had a great idea for the map editor. Like i said i compiled alot of ideas and complaints on things, and one of these ideas is to have a form of map maker much like one like the half-life (super complex) editor. but i thought that the way you got it is simple and good enough. Except for one thing. !SKY! What you could do, is you could have 4 levels of build space underground, and the top 4 over ground. Then you'd have to create several spesific tiles. One would be open ground, no walls surrounding, just ground. plus it would have to be limited to only being placed where the ground meets the sky, or where another building meets sky. then anyother tile set next to the open ground would make a elclosed structure. Then they could stack building parts and such to make towers. And if the only problem is that your able to see off the edge of the universe i.e. you create a really tall building, then look down over the edge of the other parts of the map, make it the players problem, cause he could sure fix it if he wanted to. I mean, the map editor now is simply degrading, you cant see sky, your constantly underground in some dingy gothic arena. Give us the room to be more creative. Maby you could go so far as to make a bigginer mode, a advanced mode, and a extreme mode (with sky)


You could create more items than just boxes and guns. Be creative, add some sand-bags or even a larger crate. or how bout a pillbox. or maby a gum-ball machine or a shelf with watermellons on it. Or even better, a computer terminal with automated gun mount for multiplayer. or how bout trees, boulders, or barrles?


You should have a music previewer in the map editor, and maby one durring the arcade music selection.

That's all we could come up with at the moment, We hope that you at least glanced at these rediculouse ideas withought vomiting with rage and discust... and if we appease you, and you decide to adopt these ideas, please respond and tell us.

waiting in anticapation,

The Ogden Crew

6th Sep 2003, 17:50
Most people have said lots of suggestions but heres mine :

First ones are what other people have said but I also want !

1. Spawn & Patrol in mapmaker

2. New Objectives to appear during the game

Second ones are my ideas but some people might have said them but I wouldnt know because I havnt looked at every Thread.

1. More Tilesets and Tiles the Tiles are way to boring how can you make a good level. Most of my levels are Bases and factory you cant make outdoor levels :(

2. Unlock doors when you have completed an objective

3. A timer that counts down !

4. Bots to be made stronger so that it brings up a health bar for some of the bots like bosses.

5. Scenery Objects. Trees , Gates , Fences (for use like on siberia) buildings in an outdoor area.

6. The ability to open a proper story level say Siberia and edit it to your own way. Say change the cameras around change the baddies.

7. Difficulties so when you place a baddies you could press a button to change the baddie to appear on Easy , Normal or Hard.

8. Vehicals like fly the helicopter over the river :P

9. Pick a cutscene that goes with you level so if you wanted a Robot Factory level you could pick the Robot Factroy cutscene or a ready made cutscene for a certain genre of level.

Phew !

7th Sep 2003, 16:00
Links to your other idea collections:

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8th Sep 2003, 18:07
You forgot more options for mulitplayer these are my points:

--i want to see a conquest mode, could be into assault options, so both teams got bases, or objectives to defend, myabe command units, so u can give orders, the ojective is to defend and destroy the enemies objetives

--yep, options to defend or offence, more level, 3 is bored, i dont play assault right now, 3 levels, hmmm, more levels would be greatest.

The red teams needs to protect the VIP (will be not a player, i mean, the 11 bot..) and the blue team need to get him, the VIP go to the Red base to the airplane or something, then he livesm and round 2 commence.

Players search for 3 items, the first who find them, will be the Hunter, now he is soo stronger, quicly, invinsible, full of weapons, and the best armor ever, maybe changing Gladiator for this one, or changing gladiator to this options could be the best. If Hunter gets hunted down, then, that player will be the next hunter.

Both team got a boos, and a Money bag, both teams need to get the enmie one, more points when killing the enmie boss (again, the boss is not a player, will be an X person, but changing options, the player could be the boss) ot, read the next point..

--GANWARS option 2 (for 2 or 4 teams)
A business game, every team got businesses, restaurants, wishkey, bars, markets, like 5 pers team, (more would be great) so, each team got a boss, and money, u can buy or hire bots with money, also buy weapons, so u need thoes SITES operationals, with 5 sites you get every min or every 30 secs 800 of money, 4 sites give 400, and the bar, or the main site gives 400 more, the double. then you could hire Gagngsters, weapons, or vehicles.
Gangsters ---> 500 each one
Shotguns----> 200 each one
Tommy Gun-->350 each one
Rifle ----------->400 each one
Vintage Rifle-->450 each one
Granades or bombs->500 each (with these, you destroy businesses)
Each bot will no start with these weapons, u need to buy them to your bots.

NOTE: every player start with 1 mele weapon and 2 or 1 lugger(S)
For this gametype we gotta need command for our bots, like:
Hold Position
Follow me
Get in...(the car, or business to defend)
Get the Bag (enemie when your is ok, yours when the enemie get it)
Atack..more options appear- Car, anybody, Team #, business.)
NOTE: we will ned Gangsta cars, armored cars, and trucks, maybe just 3, so we could do Dry-Bys, or squish some players, going qucly to an enemie base, damn, i cant wait for this mos, in any game if not for TS3, but TS needs to be the best FPS ever¡¡ just add this mode.

And when you take out a business, you´ll get 100 of money
For reapirs, u could pay for it. 500 each site, or less, or the time will fix it, every 5 mins or 3, something

With this gamtype, wow, the best muliplayer ever, lot of fun, strategy, maybe will be hard to make a good bot to drive a car, who knows

Then we need opened maps, huge levels, so we could use vehicles, like jeeps, bikes, or sport cars, ARMORED VEHICLES with mahinegunes in the back, or in the front, so the player can use them, and the team too, 3 or 4 players in each vehicle, shoting around, bots ould use thoes vehicles to, we dont want to get bored. For Gangwars mod, u could buy other cars, Gangta cars, so players, not the driver could shot from inside, doing Dry-Byes, killing all the people with an extra protection from the carm shoting by the windows, so walking players needs to dhot you to the window to kill you.

an option to play mapmaker levels on the level of multiplayer, not on Mapmaker main menu, just Single player missions on mapmakermain menu, but multy on multy.

Also, i want to make outdoors levels, like the sky, rivers, snow, water, fire, ice, that stuf.. And letes get the option to be able to put buildings, not just joining tilsets, just adding buildings, so we could get an opened levels, like a village, or some buildings to play in thoes, shoting by the windows, sniping.

Also, a CARMAKER, we could make our cars, fixing Speed, Armor, Size, Weapons, Colors, Model, Adn Alias like "destroyer" hahaa, pretty fun

Maybe a Weapon Maker, so we could make our own weapons, just adding animation and sounds, damage i mean: you make the model of the weapon, then u add the bullets from another weapon, like plasma, sounds, For example, Tommy gun, stuff like that, the same thing with Damage.

Maybe thats all, i hope a new TS game will get these otions, really, i wil be happy ig they just add the Gangwars mode, really, i bough a new TS with that mode, if they re-launch TS2 but, with this mod, damn ,i buy it¡¡ plzzz, could someone make this game? we really really want another TS game, a biggest one, the best game ever, damn, all we have lots of ideas, we are just waiting, pls, make another TS game.

Captin Snow
9th Sep 2003, 00:19
What is this the third post of the same stuff? Just click the edit button.

On the weapons suggestions, I don't like any of them at all. This is a first person shooter . There's only suppose to be only 1, maybe 2 melee weapons. If you wait long enough, maybe Diablo III will be first person.

As for the Arcade modes, I pretty much agree with everything there.

With the movements, I like how the bots can to acrobatic moves, just gives me more time to aim and shoot. Once again comparing TS to other games with the powerups. I don't like when games rip off other gaes personaly. I like original stuff. Like maybe they should have bad powerups, like, if you mistakenly pick it up, the amount of damage dealt to you would double. Footsteps are stupid and take up space, cars would be ok for story mode.

I could give a **** less about characters.

I agree with the mapeditor suggestions, but that's probably because I never use it. However, I got really mad when I couldn't preview play music. I hated that.

What the hell's the Ogden Crew anyway??