View Full Version : 128x128 pixles.....

Leigh Croft
6th Sep 2003, 13:51
Ok heres my problem. Ive been trying to find some cool Lara pics to send to my mobile phone but the only problem is that the images have to be 128x128 or smaller. I have some OK ones already but im trying to find the biggest and best ones possible (within the 128x128 margin) Please could someone help me find some realy cool pics of Lara in this size?

I would much appreciate your help!


Leigh Croft
6th Sep 2003, 14:38
I've tries that with some but with some i loose the quality and others i just cant get to the exact size. I'll kee trying

7th Sep 2003, 08:03
You could also use http://www.irfanview.com which is free and easy to use, and it's only a small download; around 10-15 minutes. ;)