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6th Sep 2003, 12:46
Hey All

Any chance some1 could point me to a site or post that has some tips on the demo?
I'm stuck on the train, my GB has knifed and sliced the first 3 soldiers in the first carriage but no matter what I do the 'brownshirt' sitting opposite the officer keeps discovering me :-(
I have attempted to kill the troops on the roof of the thief/spy car so as to allow them to distract from the other end with no success.
Any help woul dbe appreciated.

TwoBells ( Commando's newbie)

6th Sep 2003, 15:24
use fist instead of knifecause its slient

6th Sep 2003, 15:39
In the spy / thief car kill the officer in it and give the officers uniform to the spy (and make him wear it). - This allows him to not be spotted as an enemy by the nazis (except other officers) and also allows you to distract nazis to other commandos (ie the GB) can stab them.

Although when your use to it you can complete the mission fairly easily just by knocking people out if your new to it why not use a machine gun from one of the dead nazis.
- you can also turn on the commandos "auto attack" by pressing "a".

Using cigarette packets (throw one on the floor) can also be useful to make a nazi move to where you can kill him more easily.

There are also 2 lots of 3 gredades on the map. - one lot in each of the 2 armoured cars. Which you may find useful.

6th Sep 2003, 15:48
these links may also be useful:


There are also many other threads on the demo but i cant be bothered to look for them all. - if you want to find them just look on the commando 3 section here (http://forums.eidosgames.com/forumdisplay.php?s=&forumid=111)

7th Sep 2003, 14:35
Thanx v much!

that helped me enormously :-)


13th Sep 2003, 16:14
ok this game sucks and i know its not me now...i found out how to actually distract the enemies now with the spy.. anywayz i made it to the forth cart (the one that doesnt have a roof and theres lots of soilders on the floor with guns and theres a lieutanant at the end) .. i used the spy and green beret, i was able to stun all the guys with the green beret.. but then i made it to the lietunant and stuned him too but then boom?! a bunch of soilders start coming up the train with machine guns.. i quicksaved it rigth after stunning the lieutanant so now im stuck because i cant defeat all the soilders with machine guns.. was i not suppose to stun/touch that lieutanant????? how was i suppose to get pass him then? only the spy can get pass him.... man this game is werid and tough..

13th Sep 2003, 16:20
You say it sucks because it actually has some surprises in it? I think it's good that there are some scripted events, like this. It means that always need to be alert :)

Just select your spy and gb, select the rifle and put them in attack mode (hotkey= A)

The most important thing you have to learn when your new to commandos is that you need to save often!

13th Sep 2003, 17:23
its more effective to equip your comandos with machine guns and then put them in auto fire mode.
- you could also station the GB outside the carriage where the enemy comes running out and stab them. - He can do this quick enough to not loose any health (although this takes a few attempts.

Also you are wrong about saying only the spy can get past that lieutenant without killing him.
- if you distract the lieutenant with the spy you can make him look the other way so the others can sneek past. Also you can knock him out without the soldiers at the start running down the train. - They only do this when you kill him or tie him up.

You may find it hard but this is probably just due to you not being use to it. Commandos 1 was hard but from what ive seen C3 looks to be as easy as C2.

13th Sep 2003, 17:25
If you still find it hard dealing with the enemy that comes when you take out the lieutenant go to the 2nd armoured car and you will find a few grenades which makes light work of them.

13th Sep 2003, 17:33
yes nades are very good indeed.

13th Sep 2003, 18:39
wow! thanx alot you guys.. good advice, good tips i wll be certain to TRY THEM ALL.. thanx again! :D , and yes i am very very new to commandos ..hehehehe... so im not use to the interface nor the controls nor how the game works..

i knew anyone can get pass the lieutanant, but if the spy isnt there to distract him, then no one can get pass even if i have the uniform on, thats what i ment to say, sorry.