View Full Version : Putting The Demo on Ice!

[PAK]Krwawy Lew
6th Sep 2003, 11:47
Since I've only played like 30 minutes of the demo (didn't much like it at all) I was sitting the other day searching the net for something similar to the Commandos Genre.

Well.........I found something, something that I basically became obsessed about. It's called Silent Storm and it's a hybrid between Shadow Company and Jagged Alliance 2. Since I played the demo i've been doing like a 4 hour long "research" about the game, release date, demo, trailer etc. And so far I haven't had enough :D

The only game that made me so obsessed about it was Jagged Alliance 2 (where I upgraded my puter just to be able to play it) and Silent Storm follows JA2's path.

I know that this might be really gay (me sort of marketing another game on an official game forum) but the Demo really sort of dissapointed me and I was despreatly seeking something to play that is new and in the same genre.

Of course I'll still buy C3 (even if it turns out to be a load of donkey crap) cause then i'll have a nice set of The Commandos Series on my shelf :D (also to support Pyro).

Well.........I know this was a rant but I just had to ventilate it all out of my system :D


6th Sep 2003, 19:01
If you want something very similar to the Commandos genre check out Desperados, but I guess you knew that already...

7th Sep 2003, 01:29
... obsessed about ... Jagged Alliance 2
totally agree, JA2 was/is a classic. it ranks right there with C1 as my all time favorite game... i'm also waiting for Al Capone from the makers of Desperados and Robin Hood. wonder if doc (Longshot?) from Doc's Cabin is gonna show up and support C3