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6th Sep 2003, 07:48
In the series of movies of the Commandos there's now one of the Diver:

Fins is a specialist highly trained for aquatic-based missions. Armed with his harpoon gun and diving equipment, he is able to spend hours underwater without worrying about oxygen supply, or about the dangers he may encounter at sea including sharks and mines. On land he has complete mastery of throwing knives, and carries a grappling hook, which he is able to use to silently climb buildings, walls and trees. Also, trained in the art of sabotage and explosives, his expertise is valuable for disrupting enemy naval and supply operations.




6th Sep 2003, 18:49
Thanks for the link M.
The diver is my fav. alongside snipper, spy and GB.
HAHHAHAH. holy molly, they are all my favs....
Except the thief. I do wish they had given us a skirt in this darn game instead of a thief.
Are the guys at Pyro gay !!
Diver is the most versatile, I would think.
Plus is doens't have a big head and gets along with everybody. :-)