View Full Version : Breath Of Hades?!?

Spc. Forces Bob
6th Sep 2003, 01:07
how do i get past the breath of hades. i hear you guys talkin bout jumps and stuff, when i jump in the wind i just fall. help me

John Carter
6th Sep 2003, 01:25
Try not to jump when one of the heads is blowing wind. Most of your moves will be hops rather than jumps, but take a look at the thread in the TR archives section that talks about the hop bug (Lara tends to hop in the direction she last moved).

Concentrate on the left side of the area as you face the far side, you'll want Lara to jump over to the side heads at one point for a secret.

This area is a big pain in the kazoo, so save your game with every sucessful hop/jump.

Spc. Forces Bob
6th Sep 2003, 01:29
how do you hop?

John Carter
6th Sep 2003, 02:52
Try this link for how to hop, and other moves:


Spc. Forces Bob
6th Sep 2003, 03:03
i know im sounding like an idiot but on the breath of hades do i jump in the wind . im totaly lost. haha

6th Sep 2003, 03:14
I played on PS2 and did not find the wind to really matter a lot. Just save after each successful hop.

6th Sep 2003, 05:09
when in the room, go to the right. there is a section of wall to push in, go into the room and pull the lever

22nd Sep 2003, 12:32
When i go left in the breath of hades. I can not get into the room behaind the wall. Nothing happend when i push the action butten.


23rd Sep 2003, 22:32
You go to the right, not the left and press action and push the analog stick to move the wall.