View Full Version : TAFN interview with Ignacio Perez

5th Sep 2003, 17:30
We've finally had the change to inteview Ignacio Perez, you can find the interview right here (http://commandos3.gamerspulse.com/html/info_interview_ignacio.php)

5th Sep 2003, 17:47
A bit of bad news in this interview.
So, release date pushed back and not much improvements made compere to the demo.
I would only say that Pyro has failed at making the
interface more user friendly .Too bad.
They are going to have stiff competition. In the US the game has never been well known anyway .

6th Sep 2003, 04:15
well what can i say.the only dissapointing thing there is gameplay time. kinda expected 20 hours or so. but if i will play the game twice thats what i will get ;)

6th Sep 2003, 15:32
ahhmrufus i love you! lol silly me, and i was thiking it was for all game. probably was very tired when reading it. so game is from 20-30 hours. well thats ok. will take couple of weeks playing few missions per day. well that certainly will do. there is no rush of playing it :)

12th Sep 2003, 06:41
i reposted this at the TAFN forums as TAFN is still down, quite a good read i must say