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vampire of balance
5th Sep 2003, 14:23

John Carter
6th Sep 2003, 00:55
Good find, vampire of balance, thanks.

Here's amplifying news from trchronicles.com :


Note Eidos CEO Mike McGarvey's comments.

That's great, Mike, I'm way happy you're doing well, as a stockholder, then supposedly I'm doing well.

I bought stock in Eidos entirely because I really like Tomb Raider.

I'm glad you're not a "Tomb Raider" only company, diversification is a good survival strategy. Nonetheless, I invested in your company, even the relatively piddling amount I did, for one reason and one reason only: I want a never-ending supply of good Tomb Raider games. Therefore I will not be happy with a "de-emphasize the Tomb Raider franchise" strategy.

Don't make a wallflower out of the one what brung you to the dance, pardner.

Oh, and do try to have a Lara model at E3 next year, please. We expect it now.

6th Sep 2003, 18:01
tomb raiderAOD has gotten very baaad reviews all over the internet and in magazines. all complaining about the same thing: bad control! the people who have followed tomb raider never gave any thought to any reviews because they were followers.
im sure since they've purchased the game, they realized what the low score reviews were about.

im one of those fools who thought this way. but, i will say, along with all my friends who WERE(past tense) tomb raider followers, we will never purchase another "TIRED" tomb raider game developed by CORE AGAIN!.

the controls on this game are not necessary. why couldnt CORE
just give us straff left and right bind options?
2.why isnt there a mouse view?
3.why make the game character so complicated to control?

we shouldnt have to hit an additional key just to look around or to straff. thats stupid! CORE is stupid!
what the hell were they thinking?
they thought this game would revolutionize the genre?
they were wrong!

they lost 24 tomb raider supporters because of this!

keep in mind thats just our(my friends and i) little world. there are more people around this planet who feel this way.

6th Sep 2003, 18:22
you're wrong!!! i am not favouring Core/Eidos becouse i am a tomb raider follower!!! i liked tomb raider 6 because it a different tomb raider. me and my friend are mad about tomb raider and we all said the same that the controls are difficult for the begining, infact when i played my friend's tomb raider 4, without wanting my hand went on the analog and i tried to turn lara 180 degrees by pressing back.

6th Sep 2003, 21:28
im just venting some steam. CORE developed PROJECT EDEN. i loved and enjoyed that game to its end. that was one of those games that pulled me into the game. very nicely done CORE!
my gripes is with the AoD control. why cant they give us a mouse view and a straff bind key options?

i hope PROJECT EDEN2 comes out.
does anyone know if PROJECT EDEN@ will ever be out?

well, i cant imagine another PEden. that games story line is what made the game.

7th Sep 2003, 00:32
I've said it once and I'll say it again, simple minds can't accept advanced things.

7th Sep 2003, 00:38
lord pipes has spoken!

7th Sep 2003, 17:37
Originally posted by pipes
I've said it once and I'll say it again, simple minds can't accept advanced things.

and at times, the reverse is just as true ;) :D

12th Sep 2003, 01:01
I had to chuckle the other day. I've got around 15 GameCube games and the first one I found a bug in (well, more than one) was by .....

{drum roll}

.. EIDOS !!! Now that is ironic.