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5th Sep 2003, 13:30
It seems like every thread no matter the topic people, yes by people I mean you are complaining that Invisible War will be 'dumbed down' for the PC market because of it's release on XBOX. And many of you are concerned to say the least, even angry. After all the skill system is GONE, the INTERFACE is 'bad' and coming back to the original point it's coming out on a CONSOLE. Clearly the franchise is on it's last leg, clearly they're (Ion Storm) running out of ideas, and clearly we should launch small nuclear devices on the Ion Storm building untill Warren Spector waves the white flag and makes an exact clone of the first Deus Ex with a new minor character and Miguel doing something useful after you rescue him.

For those that think that... GET A HOLD ON REALITY MAN.

I mean, stop whining... the game's in superb hands ION STORM (sure Diakatana was an exception) under the lead of (in my opinion) one of the greatest game designers ever, Warren Spector. So now the three big complaints debunked.

-The First Reason-
"Aww the game's interface looks too much like it's been ripped off out of a frame of Star Wars Episode 2, the one in the original was so much better."

C'mon guys in the first one there was so much crap you just didn't realise 9 menus with a bare bones in-game HUD. In the next Deus Ex everything is balanced. And no it doesn't get in the way of gaming, if you look at the enlarged screenshots you'll see that doesn't block out 50% of the screen in fact it's rather unobtrusive comparing it to other games with 'realistic' HUD's like Metroid Prime or... well that's the only one I can think of that gives a proper reason and design for your interface.

-The Second Reason-
"B-B-But m-m-my s-s-skill system's g-g-gone."

Yes, it's gone... yes I know... yeah I missed it too... initially. Then I thought about it... I think I've come up with some possible reasons to drop the skill system.

1. To concentrate on making the au- biomods more indepth and customisable.

2. To make skill-building a more natural progress, instead of skills advancing in sudden leaps you build skills naturally and realistically eg. If you use a sniper rifle for most of the game, by the end you'll get to a 'master' type level. So the more you use a skill the better you will be at it eg. If you use a GEP gun rarely you'll never progress.

3. To concentrate more on the actual exprience of the Deus Ex world than one based on skill numbers and exprience points.

4. To put a greater emphasis on the choice of the player rather than their gaming skill.

Of course the one most of you already took was so that XBOX owners would think too hard and get wrinkles.

-The Final Reason-
"Its on XBOX."

Yeah, It reeks of money-giving/bribery on the part of microsoft to secure some killer games for the XBOX, but Warren Spector will never let the game be dumbed down for one audience (he specifically stated that in an interview with gamespy.com). I also know that many of you still have nightmares over Deus Ex: The Conspriacy for PS2. I never played it but I heard it was bad, so now most of you are worrying that it'll go the same path. Thats why some of you even tried to make a petition over at petitiononline.com that would try and stop it coming out on XBOX.

Be rest assured, that this is a sequel to one, if not the greatest game of all time, it has a lot to live up to, and will live up to your expectations. Ion Storm have got a lot on their shoulders, and they can't make everyone happy. So sit back, watch the intro again, and wait breathlessly until it's release (just don't hold your breath). Remember play it before making your judgement on how dumbed down it is and DON'T BE AFRAID OF CHANGE IT DOESN'T BITE.


I would just like you to note that even though I'm new to the forum, I've played Deus Ex 5 times on realistic alone and have played through once killing only the ones than need to be killed and only using melee weapons and expolsives so I'm not an uniformed n00b. Oh and hold your flames of hate those who disagree with me, just say so in an calm tone of voice bottling your rage into a ball releasing it when you see me on the streeting in the form of LAM.

5th Sep 2003, 14:17
will you have my babies?

5th Sep 2003, 16:02
Oh and hold your flames of hate those who disagree with me, just say so in an calm tone of voice

no use for this. either they agree with you, or they will flame you. there is no third option. there have been a few thread like this posted, and the same arguments/flame have come each time.

we will just have to wait until DX:IW is released, so people can have NEW arguments to flame

oh, and by the way, I completely agree with you (as I said in I don't remember which thread)

5th Sep 2003, 16:16
You're perfectly right. Everyone here gets into great big flame wars over tiny differences, but if there aren't people who disagree then this forum will get really boaring. :p Besides we can't actually make any good opinions yet because we haven't played it. This is all based on what we know works (DX) and what we've seen in screen shots and videos, because that's all we've got!:(

If they still complain about minor things after DX:IW is released, post this thread again.:D

5th Sep 2003, 17:28
Actually, there have been only a couple real flame wars here in the past few months, and they lasted only a short while.

A real flame war requires name-calling, swearing, and/or extremely rude behavior. The arguments here, while sometimes a bit heated, have not gotten out of hand.

That said, I do agree with the sentiments expressed above.

Maybe in the future, I should mark real flame wars? ;)

5th Sep 2003, 20:09
Thank you, Neuromancer, for that well-made bit of wisdom. Somebody actually decided to ignore the whining crowds and make a statement of reality... YOU STOLE MY IDEA YOU JERK!!!!!!

Just kidding:D

5th Sep 2003, 23:07
lol at catmans graphic

btw i agree with necro:D

5th Sep 2003, 23:11
If you want to post about console dumb-down flame wars, you should go on Ion Storm's boards. This doesn't really seem to be a problem on this board IMHO, there's plenty of people who don't think the game is dumbed-down for XBox.

6th Sep 2003, 01:56
Actually there's only about two dumb-down doofuses on Ion's boards. They're just very persistent. ;)

6th Sep 2003, 02:17
Bring on the napalm.

6th Sep 2003, 12:26
LOL thats one killer animation @ catman.

Maybe we should have a threat with just a list of all of catmans animations. Each time he uses a new one a copy of his post can be added there. When we are havig a bad day we can just check in for a lifetime of laughter :) lol

8th Sep 2003, 08:47
hmmm, each time he creates a new one, he posts it on his personnal site.

(and there are quite a few there)

(if you are looking for it, the adress is in his profile)

8th Sep 2003, 10:45
Didnt know that :) cool hehe

Bio Denton
8th Sep 2003, 10:47
Neuromancer07, this is all intriuging, but no one on here has actually said all of those things, and none of them with such vehemence.

If you want to see some really brutal flame wars on the said subject, try the Ion Storm forums.

8th Sep 2003, 11:54
Oh the Ion Storm forums... i check up on them from time to time. I wont give away names, but the annoying and dumbfounded persistence of moral relativism instead of actual points of a couple of people there actually stops me from registrating and posting there. I go to as many forums as i find interesting but i've had my share of flame wars in the past. Im not going to enter a forum to have more anxiety and/or stress problems again because of possible heated arguments (or all-out flamewars).