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5th Sep 2003, 04:54
So was there any conclusion to what it is? Gas swamp?

A little tidbit I found from Soul Calibur 2: Necrid has it.

Umah Bloodomen
5th Sep 2003, 05:15
In Blood Omen, it's actually the path of light emanating from the skull lanterns which lead to and from the Termogent Forest up to Vorador's mansion.

Originally spoken by the Oracle of Nosgoth
The Ignis Fatuus lights the path to Hell, nobleman. Your path.

I need to pick up SC2. ;)

EDIT: Slight clarification.

Chris Mishima
5th Sep 2003, 13:12
Yeah, I noticed that weapon when I way playing last week. I chuckled and my brother looked at me like I was crazy.

5th Sep 2003, 13:29
We also see them in SR2, in the swamp area. They are lit in one or two eras, and then destroyed/put out in the next.

Lozza Mate
6th Sep 2003, 04:40
I'm pretty sure it's the green fire itself.

Umah Bloodomen
6th Sep 2003, 04:52
Yes, minor technicality on what I posted. I will edit it just to clarify.