View Full Version : The Arcade awards!

4th Sep 2003, 23:07
I really need to find out how to get all the arcade awards. Ive tried going to GameFaqs to find out some of them but i need to find out how to get all of them? also id like to know how many there is al-together. please help me out and thanks alot.

oh sorry if my spelling is crap lol


Dr. Tripper
6th Sep 2003, 15:52
U mean stuff like Most Deadly etc.? Well, interesting ones I've seen are:-
Glass Jaw (getting punched out most I think)
Most Underequipped (or something)
Fists of Fury.

There's awards like Beheader and that for getting golds in your stats.( see heads knocked off). Don't know if you can get them for watermelons or limbs.
I'll come back with some more if i find good ones.