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4th Sep 2003, 21:29
In commandos 2, wasn't there "sound waves" on the ground when you ran or when you activated the decoy, to show how far the sound travelled? It's not in the demo of commandos 3, is it going to be in the full version? I liked that feature

4th Sep 2003, 22:32
i turned those off first thing!...talk about getting sea sick! :D i'm sure "making noise" will still be a factor, i just hope they don't have the visual or if they do, a way to turn it off.

5th Sep 2003, 01:01
I hope the visuals are still there. THose were useful. *wonder's what's wrong with you* ;)

5th Sep 2003, 06:45
i like the sound waves as well, noise only became a factor in
C2 (except guns and rocks, in legacy)
so it was a good reminder, but once i got used to not running it was unnecessary IMO
I sure we can live without it

[PAK]Krwawy Lew
5th Sep 2003, 08:43
Yeah...those sound waves were pretty cool. But I can defenetly survive without them. As long as i remember not to run behind enemies and hoping they don't hear me :D

The good thing about the sound waves was that I could see how close I can get to the enemy while running before they turn around and yell. I usually ran like untill 5 feet away form the enemy and then walked up behind them and cut them down (Evil Grin :cool: )

5th Sep 2003, 09:52
I allso liked the sound waves in C2 they were so usefull...

In the demo i couldnt se the decoys "wave field" so i thought it was not useble/broken untill i heard that pafetic "noice"

Any how the music in the MENU really lived up to my expectations... But i was sad that there was no music in the game... :(

6th Sep 2003, 04:20
i guess this feature will be implemented in the game. cuz how else you know how much noise you are making!