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4th Sep 2003, 14:28
According to the US version of the Eidos site the game is planned to be released in October.

Well then they have some time to polish things :)

4th Sep 2003, 14:40
I hope they take their time to fix some hotkeys.

4th Sep 2003, 16:27
often times game developers "hang out" in the major forums to see what's up. since Eidos is publishing C3, it stands to reason that Pyro may "hang out" here or at least be in contact with the forum admins (not the mods). is this the case? is there anyway to find out whether this damn windowed mode business for Win98 will be fixed in the final version? why upgrade to a memory hog fluff OS like XP or 2K Pro? Win98 is slim and trim and stable, what more do you need?

and whatever happened to this updated demo david lied about? :D

4th Sep 2003, 16:33
Originally posted by WeinerMan
and whatever happened to this updated demo david lied about? :D


4th Sep 2003, 16:44
grrr,it will come sooner or later. maybe now they are going to polish it so good that it will be even better then game itself :)

4th Sep 2003, 16:45
now why would i read anything marked Important! :D since i joined there have always been 2 stickies. never noticed the first one changed subjects! thanks...