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4th Sep 2003, 13:04
Hi there,

I've also downloaded the demo. Goshhhh where are those hotkeys. Everytime I push A for the GB he pulles out his gun and not his knife.
Now we have to use the mouse for almost everything. :(
F11 has a total new function: quickload! I need te re-programm myself now. *lol*

I've killed almost everybody, except the lieutenant on the open wagon and a few guys in the first (back) compartment. The thief threw one grenade into the that wagon, killing those guys sitting on benches in front. As soon as I kill that lieutenant on the open wagon, the dead guys seem to be alive again!! Without seeing them running they suddenly appear at the first wagons.

Is there any way to finish this level?? Or is it just this demo playing tricks on me?

Thx for responding

4th Sep 2003, 13:27
The easiest way to do it is to put the green beret and thief on top of the first carriage (where the green beret starts) and have them auto attack so that when you use the spy to kill the lieutenant they get shot as they come out.
- i dont think they came back to life, there are just lots of people in there. Once you have killed everyone (dog included) the mission finishes.

4th Sep 2003, 13:42
an even easier way is to kill everyone apart from the lieutenant who triggers the special forces to come, and get the spy to distract him away from where hes looking and this allows you to continue on and pick up the Grenades from the Second armoured Carriage. then go back to the first carriage and lob in a grenade killing the people near the door. now wait till the other people in the carriage run up and examine the bodies, chuck another grenade in and everyone in that carriage is dead :)

4th Sep 2003, 15:47
another fun way is just to get the green berwt to stand outside the door - he can stab people realy quickly and (after several attempts) i managed to get him to stab all of them when they ran out without taking ant damage

4th Sep 2003, 16:36
Sorry I am new to commandos. I have the demo and need a little help.

How do you set the charictors to auto attack?

When you use the spy to kill the lieutenant what do you do about the guy on top of the next car who comes running and shoots you from the top?

Which car is the gernades in? If you count the armored car (where you started) as the 1st then you have #2 covered car and then #3 covered car and #4 open car and #5 open car with the lieutenant. I have cleared the #2,3,4 and all but the Lieutenant on # 5.

Again I am a newby and thanks for any help.

4th Sep 2003, 18:07
i dont know if there is a shortcut key but in the middle bottom of the screen there are a few buttons. - one of them is the auto attack one.

If your having trouble with the guy on the roof kill him before you take out the lieutenant. -(you have given the spy an officers uniform havent you?)

There are 2 lots of 3 grenades. The first lot is in the first armoured carriage (where green beret starts) and the second is near the other end of the train in another armoured carriage. - you have to go into this by a ladder from the roof of it.

4th Sep 2003, 18:13
Shortcut = a

4th Sep 2003, 18:26
Thanks I'll give it a try. I had given him a solders uniform. I'll go back and get the Officers.

4th Sep 2003, 20:00
Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

I was a little rusty, but throwing a few granades within seconds swept them of their feet.

Taking out the lieutenant at last was easy.

By the way.....the dog is really stupid. Sneaky crawling around will wake him up. But when standing near the compartment door of the officer and shooting with a riffle only makes him turn around and fall back asleep.

I thought it was a 3 level demo, but I only got two :(

Well okay, I'll be waiting for sept. 24th

Thank you all so much for responding so fast!

4th Sep 2003, 20:46
np mate

5th Sep 2003, 15:33
Thanks for all the help, now for one more thing: How do you lob a gernade through a window? Can't seem to do it through the small windows at each end of the car and no icon to do it while hanging onto the side of the car.

I have cleared all but the forth car from the front, the one with the dog. I thought I could lob a gernade into one of the windows and wait a few and lob another. I would go charging in but I am down of health on the spy and the thief. The spy by the way has no fist icon which sucks. I can put on the uniform and walk into the car but no way of quietely taking anyone out.

Thanks again for any help

5th Sep 2003, 16:01
Sorry I am new to commandos
tworx, commandos has been criticized in the past for being too complicated. and now, some (me included) are complaining that's it's been dumb downed. don't feel bad cuz you can't figure it out right away and remember, there are always several ways to do something. try and figure it out. try this and if that doesn't work, reload and try that. to me at least, half the fun of the game is trying to figure out how to do something. good luck!

5th Sep 2003, 18:02
the spy might not be able to puntch anyone but he has a syringe with 20 shots in it. - i shot makes an enemy dizzy, 2 unconcious and 3 dead.

5th Sep 2003, 19:15
Ok I went in with the uniformed Spy and took out the guy by the door with the gun and then ran back out. Went back in and tossed gernade down the hall and ran back out. Went back in and finished the last two with the machine gun and like all have said no ending hooplaa just back to main menu. By the way I did not have to kill the dog for the game to end.