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3rd Sep 2003, 20:36
Because I havn't seen them lsited anywhere else here are the list of command lines that are in the readme file that comes with the latest patch. *breathes*

Command Line
-level=<filename> Load Specific Level e.g. "-level=data\maps\paris5_3"
-selectlevel Level Select Dialog
-windowed This is unsupported. The desktop colour depth should match the colour depth in the settings.
-padplayback=<filename> Plays back the basic input. When finished the application will end.
-padrecord=<filename> Records the basic inputs until the application finished
-benchmark=<level> Gives a Benchmark figure at the end of the run. There must be a bin\<level>.pad file, that was recorded using 'padrecord'
-settings Displays a dialog that allows a user to change there device settings
-settings_override=<PS20|PS14|PS11|HWFF|SWFF]> Overrides the gfx settings for a predefined subset. Some things are not changed, like resolution. The profile name must be in upper case.
-mode=<width>x<height>x<refresh> Overrides the gfx setting's screen mode value. Under Windows98/ME, or any situation where D3D returns a 0 for a modes refresh, the refresh rate is ignored.
-multisample=<type> Overrides the gfx setting's multisample value. This can be 0, 2-16. A value of 1 is not supported.
-godmode Sets the power ups to level 10 and gives a selection of guns and ammo

Benchmark Instructions
To record a demo of paris1 use the following shortcut:

Target: "[INSTALLDI]\bin\TRAOD_P3.exe" -padrecord=bin\paris1.pad -level=data\maps\paris1 -debugkeys
Start in/working directory: "[INSTALLDIR]"

Once you have run around enough use Alt-F4 to quit recording.
'paris1' can be swapped for any level name, but you have to change the '-padrecord=?.pad' to the same name.

To play it back use:

Target: "[INSTALLDIR]\bin\TRAOD_P3.exe" -benchmark=paris1
Start in/working directory: "[INSTALLDIR]"

This will record only the basic input data.
The debug function keys and other hardwired keys will not be recorded.
You should not use the menus while recording a benchmark demo.
'-benchmark' can then be combined with options like '-settings_override', '-mode' and '-multisample' to create different benchmark setups.

The results of the benchmark will be appended to 'benchmark.csv'.
This feature is a gift and will not be supported by Eidos Interactive or Core Design.
Thanks to Anthony Tan from http://www.beyond3d.com for all the useful feed back on this feature.