View Full Version : The Lost Domain!

Scream 2
3rd Sep 2003, 19:46
Its the level that you play after Boaz Returns(which i found it easy actually)

im so sick of it, i cant make it over to the gate before it closes, im at the very start of the level

3rd Sep 2003, 20:42

you must run and I mean run very very fast and jump on time.
You'll see, her legs will carry her across...

3rd Sep 2003, 21:35
Did you get the Large Medipack in the right tunnel?

You must jump across to the switch that opens the gate at the Medipack to get the upgrade to do the Sprint Jump to be able to complete the timed run to that gate.

3rd Sep 2003, 21:35
I had hours of fun (not) trying to get across before the gate comes down. Anyway, make sure you get the power up from the other tunnel before attempting the crossing. You then have to sprint and jump your way across. May take a couple of goes as it is difficult to control the direction when sprinting.

Good luck

4th Sep 2003, 16:37
I've got the same problem too !!

But I won't give up !



4th Sep 2003, 16:58
the first time through i didn't even know about the sprint-jump and somehow i made it without :eek:
i think i sprinted on the flat parts and than made a normal run-jump. now for the second time through i used the sprint jump - it helped a lot:D (just jump while sprinting, you may want to practice a bit first to master the move)