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3rd Sep 2003, 18:29
I have had this game for so long but I suck at it. I have tried some of the story mode levels so many times on hard that they are just no fun anymore. Since Free Radical neglected to include cheats in this game, is there any other way to unlock "the site" without beating the damn game. I realize this must seem rather "cowardly" to you"hardcore" players, but to be honest I really suck...plus my eyes can't take more than half an hour at a time...so it's really hard to persevere through a level..Any help would be much appreciated!

4th Sep 2003, 18:00 me:D
dont worry, i really suck!!! I cant even do normal!!
I like R107 but i cant unlock him, and the only arcade i can always do it hounery (i suck at spelling) league is cant handle this!!!!

4th Sep 2003, 18:04

4th Sep 2003, 18:21
Your only other choice is to download a gamesave from the internet. For that, you need something like an x-port or one of those USB memory cards.