View Full Version : Lostworlds.net Down?

Cayr Desanea
2nd Sep 2003, 20:09
Does anyone know why thelostworlds.net is down? I've been out of the forums for a long time with no net access... did I miss something?

2nd Sep 2003, 20:17
It works fine for me =).

2nd Sep 2003, 20:21
For me too.

Cayr Desanea
2nd Sep 2003, 20:23

...I just tried it, and now it works.

2nd Sep 2003, 20:28
My host (http://www.poehosting.com/) is really reliable. Since I've moved there my site has never been down, to my knowledge. Maybe you mistyped the URL?

Cayr Desanea
2nd Sep 2003, 20:30
Dude (http://blincoln.youaremyfriend.com) ...

2nd Sep 2003, 22:53
That shares my sentiments too :)

By the by, what the hell is that music called? I've heard it before and it's annoying the crap outta me (I like it, just can't remember the name).

2nd Sep 2003, 23:47
Don't know the title of the song, but I know it's used in the movie Dragonheart.

3rd Sep 2003, 01:32
THATS where I've heard it!

Off I go to Amazon!

*skips and trips*

(Yes, still hyper)

Apocrypha Roxy
3rd Sep 2003, 01:33

Wow, Blinc, looks like you have a fanboy... you lucky taff!

3rd Sep 2003, 04:26
Originally posted by Cayr Desanea
Dude (http://blincoln.youaremyfriend.com) ...


Wasn't that just *too* dramatic? :rolleyes:

Matt from Spam Buddies
3rd Sep 2003, 15:54
If I ever see one of those friend sites again, I think I'm gonna smash my PC, burn it, grind the ashes and scatter it in the four corners of the Earth.

- Matthew

4th Sep 2003, 01:20
More like a stalker. LOL

And my sound was turned up. ALL THE WAY. I almost got knocked out my seat. I think Matt is right and those people should die.