View Full Version : Understanding the Ideaology comparison

2nd Sep 2003, 19:54
I'm not understanding how the ideaology system works in the game. I don't understand how the comparisons work, the bonuses, etc. I don't understand the explanation in the manual and need it put into laman's terms.


2nd Sep 2003, 20:31
I am in the same boat. Just when I think I understand something....I am proven wrong.

I have been stuck on the same quest since I got the game.
Try to get 25% on all four of the red areas.

If I have two guys doing my promoting, theres always one area that is almost all taken over, and I can't slander em.

If I have one guy promoting, and one guy slandering, I can't keep all four above 25%.

The game is tough, I'll say.
It would be better to have some understanding of the rules (ideology) cause the maunal is a joke.

Maybe they want you to buy the strategy guide. Good marketing strategy. But, the game hasn't been fun enough to hook me yet, so chances are I'll abandon this one pretty soon.