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2nd Sep 2003, 17:54
Great work on Backyard wrestling. Got a few questions though. How realistic is this game going to be?

It looks realistic in most places but with a few over the top moves that look out of place.

Now is there going to be any wrestling ring of any sort? (I would love to see a 'homemade' backyard wrestling ring.)

Oh and is the emphasis on weapons or wrestling moves?

Keep up the good work.

2nd Sep 2003, 23:12

For some reason I don't think Eidos will answer on here. Jumpin Jebus is Tech Support.

Check out these related links, maybe your question is covered in one of articles.











Hope this helps dude.

I had a quick look myself and this may be of interest.

The fast-paced gameplay appears to be a mix of the fast object interaction found in Capcom's Power Stone series and a more traditional rock-paper-scissors-based wrestling system. The control gives you two attack buttons to work with--one for picking up or throwing items and one for grappling--and you can use them to create a variety of combos for each character. There's no block button in the game, however. Instead, attacks will clash with one another depending on their priority. Strikes can cancel each other out, though a grab will, if timed properly, reach right through a series of strikes and put players into a grapple state. From the grapple state, you can execute a series of strike- and slam-based wrestling moves. Moves from the grapple state can be countered by a well-timed button press, with the timing indicated when the countering wrestler flashes. There are many other rules that apply to stunning wrestlers and breaking objects and how the wrestlers act when teetering high atop a level's many ledges, letting you set up lots of high spots and other dramatic high-damage moves. To climb objects you simply run into them--no button press is required. Overall, the game's mechanics seem well defined, are reasonably deep for the subject matter, and are easy to learn.

Peece & MNL

- Krazy

15th Sep 2003, 20:51
Sup Fellow BYW freaks...

I apologize for not having more info. As those of you in the industry will know, it takes a LONG time for good solid information to trickle down to us red-headed tech support guys. I'll answer any and all questions I can.