View Full Version : Easy-Normal-Hard?

2nd Sep 2003, 13:52
HI this my first thread.

If i started Timesplitters 2 on normal would i unlock the rewards from easy at the same time?:p

2nd Sep 2003, 14:32
I'm about 99% sure that the answer to that is yes.

But I wouldn't put money on it or owt.

2nd Sep 2003, 15:16
no u dont get any of the easy secrets from doing normal/hard thats why there called EASY secrets u get them from easy ;) lol

11th Sep 2003, 01:54
Well I might not be as confident as the internet king, but I'm pretty sure tangers75 is correct.

I just completed TS2 on normal, never having played on easy, and I unlocked streets and the "easy cheats" as well as the normal goodies. But on the other hand I didn't get the blue time crystals on the stats screen so I guess I'll have to play them too.

TIK, if you're only guessing, you might as well mention that in your post, or think twice about wheather to reply at all.

Oh, btw, nevermind the non-appearing blue crystal, I found the answer to that here. (http://forums.eidosgames.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=18713&highlight=blue)

11th Sep 2003, 11:05
I'm pretty sure that you don't get the % complete added to your stats or the easy mode unless you actually do them but I'm not sure bout the unlockables.


11th Sep 2003, 15:10
If you play on normal or hard, there's no reason to play easy. You can get 100% by only playing hard, and a max of 10 timecrystals show up on your stats page no matter what.