View Full Version : Your favourite AOD level/part

2nd Sep 2003, 08:27
this has been asked here some time ago, but I think that everyone who has played the game more than one time, may have changed their thoughts.

I'm doubting between the Strahov/Bio-Research Facility and The Lost Domain. You've got most of Lara's old actions and they look great!


2nd Sep 2003, 10:48
I'm thinking the Hall of Seasons because it was a nice, long Tomb Raideresque kind of level. And, I know this is lame, but I kinda liked the Serpent Rouge level. It was a little challenging the first time through.

2nd Sep 2003, 12:02
I agree, the hall of seasons was quite magical.

2nd Sep 2003, 13:38
I don't think anyone will disagree... It was a big and fun level...
I also liked the part when you had to avoid the lasers in the galleries...

2nd Sep 2003, 17:21
i really liked the louvre and the sanitorium! the tomb of ancients was great as well, the bats were getting really annoying though...

3rd Sep 2003, 18:51
I liked the Hall of Seasons for all the obvious Tomb Raider reasons. But I think it would have been better if there were not as many loads. It broke up the continuity too much.
I realise that that's the way its done in all tomb raider games ..... BUT each level was larger then, thus at least giving the conception you are exploring...not...being lead from point A to B in such a linear fashion.
I really wanted to LOVE the Vault of Trophies..... IT was a stunning example of how Great TRAOD looked. But it was way to short.

My favorite level of ALL Tomb Raiders is a toss up between the Temple of Xian and The Lost Valley. (That T-Rex ......... the first time you see it you always remember it... and climbing up the cliff over and over just to see Lara swan dive)