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2nd Sep 2003, 07:34
Okay, been playing this level for hours (the ones before this were fun and very interactive and could be completed pretty swiftly) how the heck do you follow the hacker chick - we just can't do it. She either shoots at us and we kill her (game over) or we lose her, or she shoots at us and we wait her out and she never bloody goes anywhere.....and this was on "easy". Can someone please tell me what the basic thing is that I must be missing in order for me to successfully follow the chick and complete the objectives??????

2nd Sep 2003, 09:29
that's easy.

jou just jump of the train platform. from there jou run to the tunnels and hide under the ramp. if the hacker passes jou follow her. at the end you wait until she's though the door. than jou run as fast as you can trough the door. go to the camera and get the password. now you dont have a weapon. the fist man you'll find is standing with his back to you. sow you just hit him with your fists :p

2nd Sep 2003, 17:28
If you wanna do it the proper way then you just have to keep your distance (stay really really far). If your spotted you have to start again cos she won't stop shooting at you and if you kill her you've failed.

Ab ^_^

3rd Sep 2003, 00:15
What I do is:

- Follow Krayola to the first overpass and go downstairs
- Smash the windows to take the Silenced Pistol and Sniper Rifle
- Go back up to where the start is and drop of the edge
- Grab the armour from one of the windows on the left
- Run into the tunnel and hide under the bridge

Doing it this way gives you guns, ammo and armour!

3rd Sep 2003, 06:26
Thanks to all.......we got through neotokyo and then all the following scenarios right to the end this evening - very cool ! Gotta kick it up a notch for the next round.