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2nd Sep 2003, 00:38
I have never played a computer game before. I know this is practically unheard but....Anyway I bought a used copy of TR but it doesn't have any directions. I saw both of the movies and have some of the comic books and I really like the story line and have a pretty good idea of how Lara Croft operates. The problem is I don't have a good idea of what computer keys I use to make her function on the screen. Right now I am in the tunnel and I assume I am suppose to follow the tracks and find a hidden passage to take her to the next scene. Can someone give me a reference website to help me with the game rules etc or tell me which keys I use to move her around. Thanks.

John Carter
2nd Sep 2003, 01:19

Site has a list of all keyboard commands for all games in the TR series, among other things.

2nd Sep 2003, 19:49
Thanks very much! Can't wait to get started...

Notts Raider
5th Sep 2003, 11:14
How exiting playing TR for the first time and being the first game to play, have fun

5th Sep 2003, 17:50
Thanks-now if I can just get a free minute...