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1st Sep 2003, 17:06
Is this game going the way of Duke Nukem Whenever?

I look at the 'official' release date thread at the top, and that was posted in April of last year.

I hate to say it, but... Vaporware?

W.C. Duck
1st Sep 2003, 17:18
originally posted by Sarxis
Is this game going the way of Duke Nukem Whenever?


the latest PC Gameplay (= magazine) says DX:IW is to be expected not before Q1 2004.

1st Sep 2003, 17:30
A slightly old preview. (http://www.gamespot.com/pc/rpg/deusexinvisiblewar/preview_6026317-2.html)

When Spector told us with absolute confidence that Deus Ex: Invisible War will ship in October...

The devs have only ever given us two estimates. At first it was "2003" and then it was "October". The release date has never been pushed back, it's just been vague. Personally, I think that Ion Storm deserves the benefit of the doubt.

W.C. Duck
1st Sep 2003, 17:44
I'm sure DX:IW won't ship in 2003.
want to bet?

1st Sep 2003, 18:22
What makes you think that?

1st Sep 2003, 18:24
Deus Ex: Invisible War is going to be late for sure, they always do.

Same goes with HL2, I just hope it's not going to as late as Team Fortress Classic 2 :D.

1st Sep 2003, 18:25
There are multiple threads on this issue, although the "hook" for this thread is the prediction of the release date.

Let's make a "virtual" bet. The only thing at stake: bragging rights!

I bet this game does NOT ship before 12/2/2003.

It will be interesting to see if the game ships this year. I know what Spector said, but after he saw the E3 demo of HL2 he decided DX:IW needed more work! (Just guessing).

1st Sep 2003, 18:43
Alright, like I said above, I'm giving Warren Spector the benefit of the doubt and saying that it'll be out before the end of October. I hope to be playing it on Halloween :D

1st Sep 2003, 19:44
I hope you're right Picasso. It would be excellent to play DX:IW in Halloween ambiance! Let's hope the guys and gals at Ion Storm are burning the midnight oil. It would be a coup for Spector to deliver the Game of the Year in October.

No pressure Mr. Spector. No pressure at all.

2nd Sep 2003, 01:48
Originally posted by sajcd
I know what Spector said, but after he saw the E3 demo of HL2 he decided DX:IW needed more work! (Just guessing).
He was asked a question in a PC Gamer article about what they would be doing if Ion Storm had access to the Source engine. His answer: pretty much exactly what they're already doing.

I look at the 'official' release date thread at the top, and that was posted in April of last year.
Are you referring to this one (http://forums.eidosgames.com/showthread.php?threadid=21352)? Because that was posted on July 25, this year.

2nd Sep 2003, 04:26
The actual quote from PCG goes like this:

PCG: What would you do with the Half-Life 2 engine? (Apparently after seeing it, you "went back to the booth and cried...")

WS: Actually, I think what I said to Gabe Newell after seeing the Half-Life 2 demo was: "Congratulations on Game of the Show. Now I'm going back to my booth and despair." The two big things that killed me about HL2 were the ability to create large, believable city scenes - that was super-impressive - and the character stuff. At Ion we're going to tackle some emotive NPC limitations in our future games, and Valve is ahead of the pack on that. But, as far as your question, probably something not unlike what we're doing at Ion now!

That said, I think Spector will deliver the goods. If I have to wait a few more months for the goods...so be it.

3rd Sep 2003, 01:19
Well, the game wont run on my POS computer, and it wont be until early next year that ill afford a computer that WILL run it (at all) so in my case id rather they spend more time,make it perfect, and have it out then. As opposed to gettign it out early, me not being able to play it fo 4 or 5 months, etc. They said october, but i doubt this date. I asked Electronics Boutique the other day and they didnt even havea release date provided yet AT ALL. Usually theyll have dates atleast one or 2 months before. October is only a month away, so if they dotn have any listed date, then iw ouldnt get to excited about it coming out any time soon.

For me the longer the better almost, but i know if i was in (most of) your positions, and could runthe game, idwant it here and now lol.

Frost Giant
3rd Sep 2003, 17:53
Crimson Stallion.
Exactly how much of a "POS" is your computer? Remember that a slow computer may be able to handle a game just fine if you have a good video card. For example: I have a celeron 733Mhz computer and I play Morrowind on it with good performance. I have a Geforce 3 with 64 MB of RAM on it and I have 128 MB of RAM on my system. So this is a possible alternative for you: More RAM and a good Graphics card, at least until you can get a new PC.:cool:

W.C. Duck
3rd Sep 2003, 18:10
originally posted by Picasso
What makes you think that?

call it a hunch.

No, seriously, I've been reading 'PC Gameplay'-magazine for quite some time now, and there has never been any game that shipped before the date they wrote.

PS: they also call the list with release-dates the 'list with lies' :D

3rd Sep 2003, 19:25
Originally posted by Sarxis
I hate to say it, but... Vaporware?

Hmm. When was the last time a Blizzard game shipped on schedule? Or a major Microsoft product? Or, in fact, virtually anything in the computer world?

Shipping dates are a pleasant fiction, but a slipping ship date is a far cry from a reason to suspect vaporware.

4th Sep 2003, 22:34
Im fairly certain it will be out a little before christmas. I mean this game isnt Diakatana or DNF , theres a compatent team working on this game.