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1st Sep 2003, 16:12
I have only one wuestion about the demo.

Why are you being killed if the "big guy" has enemy uniforms, but not if the spy has it? Has that something to do with the strange numbers that can be splitted from another uniform to another? Is that a value of the uniform. as high value you have, you dont are being watched so much?

Excuse my english... Just a 13 years old swedish guy learning... ;)

1st Sep 2003, 17:04
When you say the "Big Guy" I think you are referring to the Green Beret. But either way the Spy is not detected/attacked when in a enemy uniform because that is his special ability. Each unit is capable of accomplishing specific tasks.

I don't think it has anything to do with the numbers on the uniform. I'm actually trying to figure that out as well. If anyone understands the number on the uniform could you plz explain it?

1st Sep 2003, 17:15
The more numbers you have of the uniform the longer you can wear it, just like in C2.

1st Sep 2003, 17:38
and also you should make the spy wear the uniform of a general and not a regular soldier.

anyway I think it is lame that you can only wear the uniform for a certain amount of time.

1st Sep 2003, 22:50
i think uniform isnt expiring in the demoversion ?
never kep it on so long to see ;)

thorup,it is not lame. actualy it sounds lame and it is lame, but there is no other way to limit usage of uniform. maybe it would be better to have limited time for it when you are in enemy's fov. like 10 secs or so ;)

2nd Sep 2003, 02:41
Spy is the only one who can wear a uniform and it will not "expire" on him. It's his unique ability. The rest of commandos can also wear enemy uniforms and it will expire. Also, they will be only undected in the long range view of the enemy.

2nd Sep 2003, 03:23
I am not so sure the spy can wear the uniforms with complete immunity.
First, if you run, you are discovered..
And even wearing a german's uniform of a superior, you will be discovered. The laser with turn from blue to red, and they will start shooting.
Also. Since we are talking about the spy, why is it that it cannot jump from cars to cars?
always having to climb up/down. silly!
Plus. the speed at wich the thief runs is not serious...
I never liked his addition to the team , anyhow, and always put him somewhere out of the way . Seldom do I use him

2nd Sep 2003, 03:25
that it is possible still to be discovered.(the spy) I am not sure why...

2nd Sep 2003, 03:57
if you have played c2, which i doubt you have, you will know that you cant run with spy too! and cant get into the rear field of superior officers (brownies or gestapo :p)
and about jumping between wagons. he smokes,look at thim. he is weak!

2nd Sep 2003, 05:38
I did to play C2 .
I have to admit it was not one of my favs. compare to the two first commandos. but, to each is own, as they say.
Now, if you had read my few post here and there, you would have noticed that I made reference to it. C2 that is.
But I guess, you are just too busy responding to everything that moves in this forum to pay attention :-)
I was only trying to help someone who had a question or two about the spy and his uniforms, that's all. And I do not have all the answers about C2 or any other games. More questions, as a matter of fact...

3rd Sep 2003, 19:20
Originally posted by sean1007
Plus. the speed at wich the thief runs is not serious...
I never liked his addition to the team , anyhow, and always put him somewhere out of the way . Seldom do I use him

well now he can bound tie and gag, and he has been given a stealth weapon (piano wire) he is actually better than the Green Beret, and in fact has rendered him obselete. he can do all the things the GB can do and more. like climb walls and run faster. the only thing he cant do is dig into the ground, it was only useful in C1 anyway.

4th Sep 2003, 14:49
Didn't you even use Lupin at Castle Colditz? I loved playing as a spider on the walls of the prison. He's my favorite commando!

6th Sep 2003, 15:46
the green beret can take loads more damage that the thief though. - people punching him hardly does any damage where as the thief only takes about 3 or 4 punches to die. Also what is realy useful about the GB is the speed he knifes people.