View Full Version : C3 Official Site Registration

1st Sep 2003, 12:40
Whats the deal with no option for Australian users?!

I can't register cos I need a country... I'm not choosing Briatain, and definately not America... and Germany is no good to me cos I can't speak much of their language... except the good old "sieg hail" and "alarrrrm!!!"

Anyone able to help me? Perhaps an Edios Official?!

1st Sep 2003, 12:49
if im right you want to have that DVD. well, the DVD is only available in those countries:mad:

1st Sep 2003, 12:53
what DVD?

1st Sep 2003, 12:54
What DVD?!

I mean the actual site found here: http://www.eidosinteractive.com/gss/legacy/commandos3/

when you click on register, there is no Australia to choose from?!

1st Sep 2003, 23:00
choose anything mate. it doesnt realy matter.