View Full Version : Which Microsoft Windows version is best?

1st Sep 2003, 10:46

I format my harddisk and reinstall windows very often. Usually it's Windows XP but which OS is best for games and programmes? Which has the best framerates etc.

Thanks for helping me out!

1st Sep 2003, 11:18
2K and XP are the same thing. Anything pre is getting into the realm of a bit tired, bit old, and there could be issues with new games or programs. At least with XP you can spend an hour with your sleeves rolled up and fix it - ie, disable everything M$ thinks you should use but you never do. Things that really screw it up.

Let's not mention that you shouldn't have to fix an OS so it works without being totally lame ;)

1st Sep 2003, 12:48
Personally I've not had a seconds difficulty with XP... for anything.

Had more than anyone's fair share of problems with 98 and ME however.....

1st Sep 2003, 13:51
Hmmm, I found Win 98 or Me worked with almost everything - I had to "upgrade" Win2000 because of some Pro Analysis Software that just wouldn't work with "Me"!

Weird how some people have problems with some things and some don't!

I have a dual boot machine (XP and Me) because there are still things I can't get to work in XP even using compatibility mode or even Virtual PC!

1st Sep 2003, 16:48
Well IMO any version of Windoze is crap....:D but if I had to choose from the list I would say XP Pro....that is what I have on my PC and I have had no problems whatsoever with it. I would rather use my Mac or a Linux box, but I guess you really can't play AOD on either of those.

1st Sep 2003, 17:22
Configurations differ from PC to PC, so whatever works for you is best. ;)

1st Sep 2003, 18:40
As eurisko says...Win 98 and ME {ugh} are yesterday news.

WinXP is basically Win2000 with a funkier, colorful interface.

I like XP/2000 for its stability and better networking.

I prefer Win2k since it comes without the default bloat XP starts with.

2nd Sep 2003, 12:56
...without the default bloat XP starts with.
sbp: ah, you're speaking my language :)

Weird how some people have problems with some things and some don't!
It's not, actually.

Tomb Raider Fan
4th Sep 2003, 15:19
Hmm...I've only used one version of windows and that is Windows 95 and Windows 98...So i'll have to say Windows 98..:)

10th Sep 2003, 08:28
Originally posted by sbp
As eurisko says...Win 98 and ME {ugh} are yesterday news.

Actually, they really aren't. You'll be suprised at the number of firms that still have either Windows NT or 9x. In fact, the Win 9x userbase is pretty compared to XP(which is catching)

As for which Windows version is good, I'll Window 3.1 ..J/K.

Seriously, Windows NT5(2000/2003). Its pretty much the most stable in the Windows family(other than XP which is derivative of 2000). Other than, I use the MacOS and Linux(PPC flavor).

1st Oct 2003, 03:28
I upgraded my hardware, but kept Win98, cause I know it so well - haven't had a glitch in years...

5th Oct 2003, 06:04
I can remember getting Windows 95. . .

I'd rather not recollect of those moments. . .

5th Oct 2003, 15:17
You'll be suprised at the number of firms that still have either Windows NT or 9x.
I'm not. There's some good reasons for it, too (not enough money to upgrade hardware/software, no need to upgrade, inability or unwillingness to train support staff, lusers resisting the changes, etc etc etc). There are some businesses out there that are still running 3.1. *shrug* Whatever the need dictates. Many companies don't upgrade unless they need to.

And there's a bit of a difference between companies running an OS across workstations/servers, and a person running an OS on their home computer(s).

still have either Windows NT or 9x.
Technically it could be said that that statement covers pretty much every version of Windows (except pre-95), because 2K is NT5 renamed for clarity, and XP is... well, just a stupid name :) *ahem* XP is essentially a prettied-up 2K. Which is NT anyway. So you kinda shot yerself in the foot there, mate.

I can only speak for myself, but the point I was trying to make is that there may (not certainly, not definately, not absolutely; not will-not, not never) be issues in the future with hardware or software support if using 9x versions of Windoze.