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1st Sep 2003, 07:40
the game is great, always.
although i know it's too late, but i wish in next game, you guys should look out Codename - Panzers for its graphics, especially for the feeling of tank......
but, i will play it whatever the technology you guys use...

after playing the demo, there are some bugs, they are:
Commandos 3
demo bug report
2003 Sept 01
-- wherever commandos are on the roof or in room, after pressing A, commandos just don't shot when enemy step IN the range, this really "pissed everybody off";

-- enemy body can't be dropped off the train roof, but indoor, it can be from the window;

-- spy can't dress up general uniform when general uniform is in the backpack, instead, he only can put on soldier's (but it should be general's);

-- within indoor, the screen can't be moved by moving mouse to the screen edge;

-- sometimes i can't open the backpack by pressing the backpack icon; sometimes Green can't trade the gun with other commandos...

-- the dog can't be killed....

-- the shooting range of MP40 is too short, i think;

-- small items on the ground, i.e. knife..., it's so hard to see even when pressing F7.

-- ......

1st Sep 2003, 08:39
the dog can be killed - he just moves fast and has to be shot/blown up not stabbed.

the dog also does such a tiny amount of damage (even when attacking thief/lupin who should take damage more quickly.

1st Sep 2003, 09:05
- many ppl cant play the game in fullscreen, because they dont have the right OS fot it.

- outside inviroments run very slow for me and im not the only one, inside enviroments work great!

1st Sep 2003, 12:40
so sad that there are so many bugs in this demo. a demo is to promote your game, but now i have heard the opinion of many ppl who think that the is game bad. if the game stays like this, i have to agree:(

1st Sep 2003, 15:22
Here's a concept (for those who say the game is too slow) -- Get with the times and get a computer that can run a game, rather than trying to play it on a way-outdated computer.

1st Sep 2003, 22:56
i wonder when they made this demo? 3-4 weeks ago? i cant play the new version which is out this week(should be)
thats why pyro isnt releasing official demo-they want bug free one.