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31st Aug 2003, 18:33
I really did build a new comp. Is up and just the tweaking and games etc to install. I have XP Pro on it.

There were some topics a long while back about how to put the files from a Windows 98 CD onto the hard drive so when you ran into those times where the OS needs the Windows CD for files, you don't have to go and dig it out. Sort of like you have when you buy a new OEM machine. Everything is right there on the hard drive for easy access.

Well I want to do the same thing with Windows XP Pro. Does anyone know what the steps are for XP?

Am gonne get this thing all done this weekend. :)

31st Aug 2003, 20:21
Most likely you just need to copy the cab files to the hard drive. The most common place for them is C:\Windows\Cabs

When they're needed then point to where you stored them.

31st Aug 2003, 21:39
Use a Win98 Bootdisk with the CD drivers on it.

At the A:\ prompt open the partition you want WIN98 on.

Make a directory (MD WIN98)

open the directory

Copy X:\windows *.* Y:\win98

Where X is the CD DRIVE and Y is the partition where you want the WIN98 and win98 is the directory.

31st Aug 2003, 22:04
Will it work the same way with XP Pro?

So basically there you are copying the entire CD to the hard drive: Seems simple enough.

31st Aug 2003, 23:44
For XP you can probably do the same thing. But I have never had XP ask me for the XP disc on an install. It has asked for a manufacuters disc, or a floppy, but all others have already been installed on the HDD with the XP installation.

So for "new hardware" I just select from the list that XP already has installed in the HDD driver files, if I don't have a MFG driver disc.

1st Sep 2003, 03:49
The WindowsME installer automatically copies the cab files to the hard drive, so WinXP probably does the same.

2nd Sep 2003, 04:43
I just checked this XP machine, and it has only a few cab files, not as many as there were for Win98, but one of those is 'drivers.cab', so it wouldn't surprise me at all if they've consolidated the drivers in one place so you don't need your CD when adding new hardware. I Googled a little for a solution to putting everything on the HDD, and didn't find anything hugely useful - hopefully if you get a good answer you'll share it here, 'cos I'll be interested.

3rd Sep 2003, 17:29
Thanks guys,
The only reference to this I have seen on the web was over at Game Spy where a guy built 3 comps and wrote and article on it. He said he copied the I386 file from the Windows XP CD onto the hard drive in case any files were ever needed he would not have to put the CD in.

He did not say where he put it and I am assuming that he would have had to navigate to that folder if the comps needed a file from it.

On my Old Win 98 machine which was an OEM from Dell, if I reconfigured anything like adapaters or anything else it would load the files straight from local files instead of prompting me for the CD.

Maybe that has something to do with setting up windows with the OEM installers CD at the factory. Windows then installs from the local drive when you turn the comp on and if it needs a file later it goes back to that local drive because that is where it installed from.

I don't know XP very well so maybe as said above it might not call for the CD. Just trying to make for certain that it doesn't.

I may just copy that whole I386 install folder to my comp. At least with that I can surf to it instead of pulling out the CD if something is ever needed.

3rd Sep 2003, 19:21
IIRC The file would go in SYSTEM.