View Full Version : Possible Japanese voice options in FFX\FFX-2 HD?

17th Jun 2013, 20:19
I know that the Japanese voice options were removed from XIII and XIII-2 because of the XBOX 360' limited DVD capacity and Microsoft's policies of not allowing versions with more features to be release at the same time to make their system look inferior, but since FFX\FFX-2 HD is only coming to the PS3, I was wondering if SquareEnix could throw us a bone with this one and give us dual audio options (Eng & JPN) and subs.

6th Jan 2014, 22:48
Original voice is always the best !
Please answer this post, if there are only english voice I shall never buy ....

15th Jan 2014, 04:15
I'm really looking forward to the re-master as I have never even played the original games ever. To be honest the only final fantasy games I've ever played was Crisis Core and FFXI. Upon hearing the upcoming remaster I have been eagerly waiting for the released date of these games in the US but I'm not too keen on the English dub as I find many of them very disappointing and either over or underdone. From what I understand with the Vita version would consume a lot more storage space on a memory card to include the original Japanese VAs. I would be extremely happy if there would be a DDL option for the Vita to get the Japanese voice track that could be added for both of these games (with subtitles of course) from the PlayStation network shop or the option to buy a digital versions of the games with Japanese voices only. I hope this suggestion will be taken into consideration upon the release of these titles.

20th Mar 2014, 05:10
As expected, the English voice acting is pretty sad. The characters lips don't sync either. This can easily be fixed if there is an optional Japanese voice dialogue DL from PSN for the Vita version. I have another game title that gave me that option (Soul Sacrifice) and I can't even describe how much better it sounds. Seriously, I'm just barely getting through the CS in FFX without trying to turn down the voice acting to nil as it sounds so tacky. I can only imagine how much worse FFX-2's dub is going to be. Please give us that option to have the original Japanese voice acting audio files to install in these titles for the Vita version.

20th Mar 2014, 14:26
They should at least make the Japanese audio dlc, preferably for free, but I'd definitely pay for the Japanese cast.

21st Mar 2014, 04:50
I wish they make it happen

They should put dual audio from the beginning

I like the jap more then eng i hope they can hear us

22nd Mar 2014, 14:57
Yeahh! Everyone konwn's that the J-Rpgs fans prefer the original japanese voices and the japanese soundtrack, but apparently SE didn't.

I want to buy FF X - X-2 HD for PS3 but the english mediocre acting voices sounds like crap, I bought FFXIII USA version and I played it for less than an hour and I wanted to throw it to the garbage for the voices, I had bought the South Asia version and is a complete different experience.

SE create a DLC Japanese Audio Pack for Lightning Returns, why they don't do that for FFX. If I have to pay, I pay, but I want to play with the Japanese Voices.