View Full Version : tomb on hard

31st Aug 2003, 14:57
I can do tomb on hard normaly but i just cannoot unlock the special mummy charactor u get for doing it quickly i cna usauly get near the time or i just die, can anyone give me any help? :o

Hank Nova
14th Sep 2003, 12:07
nah im crap at the time challenges, they are super hard

15th Sep 2003, 16:20
i am also no good at timed challanges thats why i made this trhead

1st Nov 2003, 02:57
Okay...Just run through as fast as you can, try to skip everyone, and grab the health if needed. Pickup the ankh at around 1:10 (or less, if you are fast).

There is a shortcut on the way out...
You drop off the little thing where the ankh is, and head back up as normal.

Now, you go through the straightaway with all the pillars on each side. Go through the next thing with the huge pillars and up the ramp...Normally you go to the left up a ramp, but DON'T. Instead, keep going in this room and pick up the health...the wall right there is now opened...follow this path and there will be no guards (except an occassional splitter if you were slow). It leads all the way out to the outside of the temple, so you complely avoid everyone. Then just book it to the finish, skipping past the few guards out there.

If you don't understand, talk to me on AIM (name Josh Heuer). I will give you a video of me beating it in 1:16. I take the shortcut back, so you will see where it is...