View Full Version : LOK Coffeebook package possible???

31st Aug 2003, 02:17
Wow if Eidos and CD comes out wif one, it will be AWESOME. Items to include:-

-The LOK trilogy game CDs
-Manuaiture LOK action figures
-Manuaiture Soul Reaver Sword
-Pages with mural art found in SR2
-Unpublished concept art pages.

Pls feel free to add more.

Matt from Spam Buddies
31st Aug 2003, 06:21
Where's the coffee?

- Matthew

31st Aug 2003, 07:26
Hmmmmmmm............maybe not coffee. THe book comes in a vial of BLOOD!!!

31st Aug 2003, 08:43
- Raziel cowls
- Plastic wraith blade that you can fix onto your arm
- Gloves that make you look like you have vampire claws
- Fake blood!
- Blow up balloon that looks like a floating soul
- Elder Kain costume

Sorry, those are my LOK play prop fantasies.

Matt from Spam Buddies
31st Aug 2003, 08:45
What a terrible hoax this is.

Coffeebook and no coffee...

-mumble, mumble, groan-

-goes to the kitchen to make a Cup of Joe-

- Matthew

31st Aug 2003, 21:35
Forget miniature! (im assuming thats what you meant). I want a real, life-size, sharp mteal Soul Reaver :D . I could understand them leaving out the whole actual soul reaving ability cause that could get nasty.