View Full Version : Wraith reaver enhancements, forges, etc.

30th Aug 2003, 19:28
It seems that in Soul Reaver1, the fire reaver enhancement was capable of burning victims. In Soul Reaver2, the reaver enhancements only seem to act as keys for opening locations. The air reaver also provides some lift for Raziel, so he can quickly move through the swamp.

Will LoK Defiance have other uses for reaver enhancements, besides key-like? Some ideas:

Dark Reaver: Invisibility, extinguish nearby light sources. Extra damage effect against demons. Area effect that surpresses light sources and damages demons.
Light Reaver: Sunburst (similar to Sun Glyph in SR1).
Fire Reaver: Torch your victims, ignite fires in various places. Area effect to burn nearby victims.
Air Reaver: Updraft effect (without needing the airduct things of SR2), and the shatter effect of SR2. The updraft is useful getting to high places or for starting a long glide.
Earth Reaver: Medusa (area) effect to solidify targets to stone. Maybe shooting an earth reaver projectile at stone changes the stone to a climable surface.
Water Reaver: Part the Red Sea effect, turn dirt into mud/bog.
Spirit Reaver: Area effect that draws out the souls of nearby victims, instantly killing them. Also sustains Raziel in the material realm, similar to SR1 reaver.

Just a few thoughts...2 cents worth.