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30th Aug 2003, 15:18
Soul Reaver2 had the first hint of spectral realm architecture. I hope that LoK Defiance would expand on this mystery.

It seems that originally in Soul Reaver1, the spectral realm is merely a distorted reflection of the material realm. Time does not pass in the material realm from the point of view of someone in the spectral realm.

There are places in Soul Reaver2 where the spectral glyph is prominent, indicating that whoever (ancients?) placed the glyph, knew about the deformations in the spectral realm. In fact, very near the Pillars, there is a pair of spectral glyph symbols. In the spectral realm, a rock wall deforms into well-defined stairs.

Stairs that exist only in the spectral realm imply something powerful about the ancients knowledge of the relationship between the material and spectral realms. How can anyone build stairs in the spectral realm? Spectral realm physics are sufficiently different from the material realm, that such spectral architects must use awesome technology. (Remember that any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.)

Perhaps, the glyph symbols radiate or broadcast some kind of power into the spectral realm influencing the deformations into a useful spectral form?

We can assume that the ancients also had at least the ability to view multiple concurrent time streams. They could see the future Raziel travelling through time and shifting realms.

They anticipated that their winged blue skinned saviour could cross between the realms, and built their forges in such a way that only the saviour could breach the obstacles. Such fore-knowledge implies their knowledge about time streams. I doubt that Moebius is the only time streamer in Nosgoth. Controlling time seems to be available elsewhere (e.g., Eternal Prison).

30th Aug 2003, 16:50
Who was controlling the time in the Eternal prison then?, i just thought it was built on top of a time streaming device which moby set up before he died hence the strange no-time effect

The Amazing Rando
30th Aug 2003, 16:50
Or it could just be that the shift symbol was put in to make the game easier for those who get stuck and don'y know what to do to get further...

30th Aug 2003, 18:42
Originally posted by The Amazing Rando
Or it could just be that the shift symbol was put in to make the game easier for those who get stuck and don'y know what to do to get further...

Well, duh! Of course they are hints....

Get beyond that rudimentary thinking and immerse yourself in the story.

The Amazing Rando
30th Aug 2003, 23:06
Or you could stop ripping the pages so much that you're not actually reading between the lines, but instead reading an entirely different book. Not everything always have to be deep and have incredible story elements. It's this type of thinking that absolutely nothing can ever just be what it is that leads to the line of thinking in this (http://forums.eidosgames.com/showthread.php?threadid=22383) thread. Thigs can be taken at face value sometimes, especially something as minute, and IMO, stupid as this (since I think that it doesn't give gamers enough credit at all:rolleyes: ).

31st Aug 2003, 20:52
This is true, Rando. But thinking 'inside the box' pretty much destroys the essence of this forum.

The Amazing Rando
1st Sep 2003, 22:52
Hey, I'm all for speculation and theorizing, but only if there is something to speculate or theorize on. The fact that the game developers put the symbol in (mostly) for people who are either new to the series or just not as good at games (or both) to progress has no bearing on the story, and doesn't need to. When you can't ever see anything inside the box, then things get taken waaaaay out of proportion and lead to,IMO, ignorant studies about games and their effect, etc (see artcle in the link I posted above). I just think that at some point there needs to be a line drawn about what you can try and use to deeped the plot, or whatever. If CD were to take all the time to go into such minute details, such as why the symbol appears, they aren't going to have time to work on the real plot and make a kick ass game. I say we worry about the story and where it's headed,etc, rather than little hints placed for new players.


Dark God Francisco
2nd Sep 2003, 01:02
The spectral realm is supposed to be just a distorted version of the material realm I believe.