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Bio Denton
30th Aug 2003, 13:49
It would be great if NPCs in DX2 could be sleeping. A military barracks for example.

How fun it would be to crawl into the barracks with a LAM between your teeth, set it, crawl back out and run like hell.

Or to just walk into the barracks and arbitrarily execute the sleeping soliders with one shot to the head with a stealth pistol.

30th Aug 2003, 14:45
there were lots of sleeping npcs in dx1...at least there were by the time i'd finished with them.

but yeah it would be funny to install a trip mine which goes over there head, so when they sit up after a nice kip......

one of the things i did in dx1 was when I knocked out jojo, I carried him into the hotel room with the dead bodies, layed him next to the dead guy on the bed, then locked him in with the nanokey. What a lovely thing to wake up to.

Lord Outcast
30th Aug 2003, 15:06
That's great, Skulgun!

Well, sleeping NPC's would be great, but like only a few, and it probably wouldn't take much to wake them up. Even if they don't hear an explosion, perhaps a friend could, and then wake them up. And there could only be so many sleeping people. (A barracks of lazy fools would not be a very exciting mission.)

Bio Denton
30th Aug 2003, 21:01
Well, I didn't mean entire missions. I mean, a barracks in a base or peoples houses, etc

The Corinthian
9th Sep 2003, 01:31
Skul-gun, that's just lovely! I remember I used to take that trash and leave him face down on/under a toilet...

9th Sep 2003, 02:51
Once I knocked out everyone in the MJ12 lab (that you escape from), threw them all in one of the greasel pens and locked them in. I have no doubt it didn't take them long to resort to cannibalism. Bwa ha ha...

The Corinthian
9th Sep 2003, 18:50
Now me, I think my truly best little action was (and pardon the use of cheats, I was done with the game, all endings, and was just goofing around) turning off clipping in the Hong Kong labs, knocking out Paige and Chow, then stuffing them in with the Bum in the lab before herding the greasel and greys into it with them.

9th Sep 2003, 23:28
"The sleeper has awoken"?

My diagnosis : too much Warcraft 3. ;)

God From Machine
10th Sep 2003, 02:06
Too much warcraft 3 eh? oh well there is nothing wrong with that.

But let me ask you something, has the person who made the name played too much wc3 or the person who noticed it and replyed to it?:D hehehe

Anyway, i havew no problem with guards sleeping as long as it is in the right context, i.e. beds and not while they are "guarding" i also would't mind guys you knock out to wake up eventually but that is in another thread so its a topic for another day.

----Oh and yes i am canadian incase you can't tell by the eh in the first sentence:p

10th Sep 2003, 02:12
has the person who made the name played too much wc3 or the person who noticed it and replyed to it?


The Corinthian
11th Sep 2003, 00:25
ERK! Warcraft 3 are suck. That's all I will say, other than play TA!