View Full Version : Demo problem

30th Aug 2003, 01:58
I downloaded the demo for C3 and I installed it and everything but when I try to run it it goes black then strait back to the desktop. It used to give me an illegal operation and if I tried starting it again it would freeze apon crashing, but now it just puts me on my desktop with no errors. has this occured to anyone else? I downloaded the demo from 2 different mirrors and it did the same thing both times and I also installed it on my other pc and it did the same thing. if anyone can help me it would be apreceated.

30th Aug 2003, 02:05
probably using win98 right? read the forum a little before posting. the quasi "fix" is posted several times...

30th Aug 2003, 02:17
yeah im useing win98, but im sorry I didnt clerify, Im not a complete moron, I checked the forum alot before posting and I did try that fix but I cant save the file as a .cfg file, only as a .txt(im not to smart, but when I try to save it all it will let me save it as is txt) and everything I have tried so far has not worked. I was simply makeing a new topic because every fix that has been mentioned has been unsuccesful for me. Sorry.

Edit: I am an official moron. I removed the .txt from the filename and it worked, I forgot I could do that because most programs have a nifty little encoded file type. sorry for waisting space.