View Full Version : Backyard Wrestling: Create A Wrestler!

29th Aug 2003, 18:44
Hey muthafackos... Hope your all doin' good.

In my opinion the Create-A-Wrestler feature was a must for this game, Psy claimed it was a game made by the people for the people and by adding this feature they sure have backed up that statement.

Now, regardless of whether you won the sweepstakes or not, backyarders worldwide have no excuse for not being in the game.
This is the ultimate game for all backyarders and its been a long time coming. For those of you who (getting all Twiztid now) don't know what this backyard wrestling epidemic is all about. Get ready for the most extreme, ultraviolent wrestling ever to be seen of our era. This is the real fight club.

For now I'm chillin', killin' and takin' pennicilin - BYW style!

Peece & MnL

- Krazy