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29th Aug 2003, 18:37
Hey guys,

I'm an avid follower and admirer of the Commandoes series, and so when I found out a demo for C3 had been released on my ISP, I was eager to dl and play it. But after dl'ing it twice, I seem to have a problem with installing it. At first I thought it was corrupt, but after dl'ing it again and trying once more, It sill didn't work. I noticed other people who had dl'ed it from the same ISP had no problems at all.

Heres a picture of my problem.


I was just wondering if anyone could help me with this as I really enjoy Commandoes, and if the demo doesn't work, I'm afraid I wont be in a position to play the full game when it is released which I'm really looking forward too.

I have good specs with the exception of my GF4 MX440, but I read that @m (after looking for a solution to the problem without having to post a thread ) had tried the demo on a GF2 so I'm not quite sure what the problem may be.

Any help would be appreciated. :)

29th Aug 2003, 23:17
I would suggest downloading the demo from different mirror (just to play safe). Other than that, run Virus Scans and Adaware (to remove spyware)

Also found this article:

Ultimately, you might consider reinstalling Windows.

30th Aug 2003, 08:37
thanks a lot for that Xcom,

You have given me a lot to go on, so I will investigate further. BTW thankx for the link as well! That helped me a lot !

If I find a solution, I wont hesistate to post a reply, for those who may have a similiar problem in the future.