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29th Aug 2003, 15:22
I know this kind of thing has been done before, but I am very interested in how you rate the TR games.
I have a friend who is fairly new to the gaming scene and I wanted to recommend the mighty 'Tomb Raider'.

I then had a think about it and realised that the latest version would not be the one that I recommend.
If TR had to be judged by just one single title then I would put TR 2 forward.
Here is my personal preference and I was wondering what your preference is.

This only applies to the core (geddit) games, i.e. 1 - 6, and the first in the list represents the favourite.

1) TR 2
2) TR 1
3) TR 3
4) TR: AOD
5) TR: TLR
6) TR: Chronicles

Anyone else agree with this order???

29th Aug 2003, 17:18
1. TR2
4. TR3
5. TR1
6. TRC

29th Aug 2003, 17:50
Lessee... well I wouldn't recommend TRLR to anyone for the first TR game they play (unless their name's DaveJ :D :p), because it's so damn tricky. Wouldn't recommend TRC as the first game because I think you really need to understand the history of TR to appreciate it and get past its 'shortcomings', which vary according to user. Same reason applies to AoD. In fact, really I'd say play them in chronological order (as in production order, not Lara-chronological order :D). But I digress, here's my personal choice:-

1. TR3 (wouldn't have said that 2 years ago, but hey)
2. TR2
4. TR1 (why not overdose on Egypt? :D)
5. TRAoD
6. TRC

Tomb Raider Fan
29th Aug 2003, 18:02
I would say

1. TR3
4. TR1
5. TR2
6. TRC

29th Aug 2003, 19:21
Here's my list (I included gold games in the list too, but seperatly from the originals):

1) TR2
2) TR3 Gold: The Lost Artefact
3) TR4: The Last Revelation
4) TR2 Gold: The Golden Mask
5) TR3
6) TR6: Angel of Darkness
7) TR5: Chronicles

Didn't have the chance to check out TR1 & TR 1 Gold yet.

I liked all the TR games I played more or less for various reasons though - it's not that I wouldn't recommend my least favorites too.

29th Aug 2003, 20:14
1) TR 1
2) TR 2
3) TR: TLR
4) TR: 3
5) TR: AoD
6) TR: Chronicles

Series started out strong and innovative, became mediocre with TR3 and then went into the crapper {TR5 & AoD}.

Lord Pomposity
29th Aug 2003, 20:56
1. TR1
Excellent plot, all the characters were interesting, cool locations. Atlantis and Temple of the Cat were both very cool levels.

2. TR2
It was a tossup between this and TRLR, but Kingdom and Floating Islands won it.

Good range of moves, cool plot (although not as good as 1 or 2), and excellent locations. MY only complaints were that the puzzles were often random (most of the Heiroglyphics puzzles), dependent exclusively on luck (Senet), or just a pain in the ass (the maze in Khufu's Queen's Pyramids...and the way you had to get into that maze brings me back to point 1). Seth was more of a set of traps than an enemy, making him more than a bit anti-climatic.

4. TRC
A pretty good game, although nothing exceptional. I particularly enjoyed the Ireland episode, which made me think 'What would I do in this situation?' rather than 'Hey, I have a revolver, a shotgun, some pistols, some uzis, magnums, an assault rifle, a bazooka, a crossbow, a grenade launcher, and a grappling gun! Who wants to come out and play?'.

5. TR3
The plot was recycled with different names, none of the levels managed to grab me, and it had Aldwych and Lud's Gate.

7657623420342875721349234264218432904264825. TRAoD
They should have stopped while they were ahead. The whole games was like 'Red Alert!', but without all the cool stuff in between the buggy parts.

29th Aug 2003, 21:49
tr rev - easy cause I had good cheats and walkthroughs
tr 2 - home sweet home level fight in Lar's house
tr 1- classic tr didn't like lar's no hair
aod - lar's look is cool horrible controls
tr 3 - ordinary
tr c - like a dogs dinner ****house. except for lars and her comments.

29th Aug 2003, 22:13
A difficult one. Everytime I say something else!

1. Tomb raider 1
2. Tomb raider 2
3. Tomb raider 4
4. Tomb raider 3
5. Tomb raider AOD
6. Tomb raider Chronicles

I think they are all great! I really like the Rome levels in 2 and Chronicles.

sk8er punk
2nd Sep 2003, 00:14
Before saying my TR list, the best game ever made is Silent Hill 3.

1) Tomb Raider
2) Tomb Raider AOD
3) Tomb Raider III
4) Tomb Raider: The Last Revelation
5) Tomb Raider II
6) Tomb Raider II: Golden Mask
7) Tomb Raider: Unfinished Business
8) Tomb Raider: Lost Artifact
9) Tomb Raider Chronicles


Marcus T
2nd Sep 2003, 13:12
Well, I haven't played too much of AOD yet so I won't take that one into account, but as for the rest of the games, I agree with sbp's list. (Though I find it hard whether to put TR1 or 2 on the top, I'm more for TR2 there I think.)

4th Sep 2003, 17:24
1) TR 3
2) TR 2
3) TR 1
4) TR: Chronicles
5) TR: TLR

I haven't played AOD yet :(

4th Sep 2003, 18:43
1) TR3 and TR1 (TR1 because it blew me away, TR3 because it's the most varied plot.

2) TRLR (toughest)

3) TR2 (great graphics for the time, some memorable sequences, but too many shoot-em ups and not enough thinking.

4) TRC (too short)

5) TRAOD (too short, too easy (but see my Boaz remarks elsewhere!!), and too buggy!

Ask me again in 6 weeks - I'm playing them all back-to-back to find all the secrets, without using a wakthrough for any of them! Got through 1, 2, 3 so far and I'm at Khufus Queens pyramid in 4. Wish me luck!!