View Full Version : I had to start all over again

29th Aug 2003, 10:37
Last night I played on TS1 and when i went back onto TS2 my profile was corrupted. I had to delete them and restart all over again. Why does this happen and is there any way of stopping it from happening

29th Aug 2003, 11:24
I didnt know that happened but I guess you can try saving on a different memory card.

Wait a sec, Is TS1 a psx game? that would mean you have no choice but to save it on a different memory card than TS2 unless you use one of those 3rd party mem cards which save both ps2 and psx and if you are then expect a world of currupted saves.

Its always better to pay that extra £5-£10 to get the official stuff instead of getting the cheaper stuff cos it'll usually not work properly/break. However there are exceptions like I found a £1 store which was selling gamecube controllers and since my lil bro only had 1 controller I decided to but him 3 of em and they work a treat without any probs (except the colour aint that nice) but I was really suprised. I might even get me one :D

Ab ^_^

29th Aug 2003, 12:19
TS1 and two are both ps2 games although ts1 is a very early one, i have ts and 2 save files on my memory card that have not corupted or done any damage so i dont think the memory card or the games are to blame its just one of those things.. (corect me if im wrong)

29th Aug 2003, 20:08
Could be the mem card if its a 3rd party one!

Ab ^_^

31st Aug 2003, 22:23
The game is seriously stuffed up. I lose my maps in MapMaker left, right and centre. I fear that my file may get corrupted every time I start the game, if it does, I have a second file to back it up.

1st Sep 2003, 00:27
I've backed my file too. I always backup any save file which takes ages to get eg all my FF games have backup saves ^_^


1st Sep 2003, 04:12
I've never had a corrupted file or map.

I must be very lucky.

1st Sep 2003, 14:46
No your not :p I haven't got any coruption to. I'am also one of the few peole who didn't had to buy a new PS2 because of the disk read eror problem :D

2nd Sep 2003, 19:01
I corrupted my file with stupidity:( . what happened was my sis was moaning at me to get off and i went moody and turned off when it was saving.:(

2nd Sep 2003, 23:29
I also havent had any surrupted files but I wanna be prepared just incase thats why I backup my saves.

I've never heard of the 'disk read error' thing :eek: had my ps2 for about 3yrs and I've put it thro alot and still no errors. The only console I've ever had an error with is my dreamcast but it was a very common problem and easily fixed ^_^